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5 Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing with NO Money and NO Website 🟢

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🟢 About This Video:

Can you do Affiliate Marketing without a website?

You may think the answer is “no”….but in fact there are ways to start affiliate marketing without a website AND with no money. And in this video, I’ll go over 5 ways in which you can make money online as a beginner affiliate marketer with no website.

Now while you CAN do this without a website, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should…. especially if you plan on turning this into a long-term online business….one that will allow you to leave your 9-5 job.

Here are two things you should consider first:

Number 1 – Many Affiliate Programs require you to have a website in order to start promoting their products. So you will find yourself with limited options on what you can promote.

And # 2 – You are not building something you own. When you promote your affiliate links on platforms you do not own, you are at the mercy of those platforms.

So if one day they decide for whatever reason to kick you off their platform…there’s goes your entire business and income.

But when you own your traffic, such as having an email list of prospects, then you have an asset that is truly worth it’s weight in gold, and has the ability of making you more money for years to come.

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About Pilar Newman 😀

I’m an 11yr Amazon Private Label Seller with a knack for selling fast-moving trending items. On the side, I teach people how to create a passive income by offering products they would recommend to others.

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