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Affiliate Marketing In 2021 | 5 Things You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing

💰 You might have heard about Affiliate Marketing before but is Affiliate Marketing in 2021 still relevant? Here are 5 things you should know about Affiliate Marketing. Below you can find all the questions and my answers in the video.

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🎬 Chapters
00:00 Start
00:48 What is Affiliate Marketing?
02:30 Where do I find products?
06:04 How do I promote affiliate links?
08:26 How much money can I make?
09:26 Why should I start?

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  1. Pople BackyardFarm

    good information

  2. Ahmet Kaan Aydoğan // Productivity


    Just found your channel from Annie Dubé's last videos comment section! You have amazing videos and content here! I love it! Just subscribed. As another small youtuber I can easily say that you are crushing it! Keep up this great hard work! Let's connect! 🙂

  3. The Wong Mindset

    Great info…I’ve been thinking lately of ways to get into affiliate marketing

  4. Free your Finance

    I am trying hard to introduce helpful affiliate links onto my channel. I only recommend products and services I actually like and use but its allowing me to monetise my channel before reaching the 1000 subs on YouTube!

  5. The Money Management

    Amazing video and nice breakdown! I've been affiliate marketing for over 2 years now, and when done right it is absolutely brilliant form of passive income! Keep up the great work!

  6. Intense Investor

    Love your content and video quality. Keep it up!

  7. Vic & Lucy - Personal Finance & Investing

    Great video Uli! thanks for sharing the affiliate programs you're interested in doing 🙂 these are so helpful!

  8. love this video definitely wants to make money with affiliate marketing before my hair turns gray haha

  9. Millennial on FIRE

    Great video! This is such a good route to make extra income, thanks for sharing! New subscriber here, always like supporting a fellow small youtuber! Looking forward to more 🙂

  10. RLF Power Couple

    Good points! passive income is the goal and should be aggressively pursued earlier than later for exponential growth or secure early bird perks.

  11. Nice video, keep it up.

  12. Wagner Saucedo

    Great video! Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make that extra income! Everyone should be doing this!

  13. Jordan Williams

    I always had a lot of trouble finding what type of products I could push since I do finance videos… Great video!

  14. Investing With Dan

    Like you point out, affiliate marketing is a fantastic income stream that can generate a tidy income on a reliable basis. Thank you for the thorough explanation, looking forward to more videos like this 🙂

  15. Fatkhurrohman TV

    I love it. thanks for sharing

  16. Marketing is a tried and true business great fantastic mode sis

  17. WOW Amazing Very nice Sharing Dear Keep it up

  18. Finding Financial Freedom

    Great video! Affiliate can be a great way to produce income and depending on the products and quantity you are able to sell it can be quite a sizeable amount!

  19. Mushtiar Engineer

    Just startling best of lucky to eyeryone else 2020 back me dear

  20. Great video , info on point ! Affiliate marketing is indeed a great way to earn those extra money !

  21. Great tips. Affiliate is easy to start but not that easy to make money from it though

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    my name is charul negi.
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