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Affiliate Marketing is very tough in INDIA.

Affiliate marketing is not only tough in India but, also very embarrassing to promote directly. People think that we affiliate marketers try to sell them a product.

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  1. Very true…

  2. Md Mostafizur Rahman

    Yes Sir, u r truly explain, we should help each other, as a result every affiliate marketer will be benefited by this industry and grow successful marketer.

  3. Bat to sahi h aap ki….
    I agree with you

  4. sekhar chakraborty

    Ha sir apne ekdam sahi kaha

  5. Ekdum Sahi bola aapne sir. thanks for sharing your opinion and initiating a change in the mindset of society. It's our responsibility to help those bloggers . who provide us free and valuable content

  6. harshit chaudhary

    Yes u r right sir. This is the we run ads to target tier 1 country for our affiliate products to get sales

  7. Bcz indians easily trust nahi karte doubts rehte h genuine hai ya nahi , I think this is the reason

  8. Simple Remedies


  9. Indian jealousy Correct-

    50,000 ke camera par 5% affiliate commision 2,500 Rs.

    agar link se buy karoge toh ye 2500 India ko milega, India me rahega

    agar link se buy nahi karo, direct buy karoge toh ye 2500 America jayega kyuki amazon ka referral fee bach jayega

    This is how our Rupee is falling against $ one of the example.

  10. Satyajit Nayak


  11. It's illegal in foreign countries to not include a disclosure when you use affiliate links. The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") in US requires that all affiliate marketing be disclosed. So the youtubers actually have no choice but to disclose that they’re going to get commission. But on the other hand you’re actually right about indian mindset.

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  13. sir app sahi ho absolutely right sir hame affiliate marketer ko protsahan dena chahiye

  14. its typical mindset of the Indian audience.

  15. First time on your channel and i am 100% agree with you brother

  16. Selp Help Technic

    Real Story.

  17. Well said bro… Exactly it's happening in India

  18. Sir you are right

  19. Ryt…… Sir

  20. Sar aap affiliate marketing kab se kar rahe hain

  21. You are right Sir

  22. Yes, Its true…I can understand it….

  23. Rightly said Sirji…

  24. Knowledge junction

    Worthful … I Will do

  25. Saroj Kumar Sahoo

    Yes u r right brother.. jealously is the main reason I think. We should praise for their efforts and hard work

  26. Nirmal Lashkari

    100% True

  27. Ghanshyam Rathod

    Bhai its true. And they will never agree if you get commission. Jealousy mentality
    Never change

  28. Blogging world

    Apne bilkul sahi bole hai..

    Mai bhi kabhi kisi ke diye link se kabhi kuch buy nahi karta…

    Love you Sir… aapne baht sahi beat boli hai …maine bhi sach kubool kiya.

  29. Yuvraj Pratap Rajwade

    Maine apni pahli web hosting affiliate link se kharidana tha kyunki mujhe us youtuber ne value diya tha .

  30. Awesome observation

  31. Sahi bola bhai

  32. Parwati Kumari

    Hello sir,

    WordPress me email marketing ke liye free ya cheef me koun sa plugin use kare…? Please suggest me…

  33. Bires Pattanayak

    Very nicely put across…. Posting it in my Facebook pages involved with affiliate marketing

  34. Absolutely right sir, agar content acha hai toh definitely youtubers ko like, comment aur subscribe milna chahiye… They deserve it.

  35. Vo piche se kon gaya bhai

  36. Siddharth Chandra

    Yes sir… great

  37. Ha..ye reality hai…even me khud aisa sochta hu…pata nahi ye mentality kaha se aai…indians me..

  38. Yes sir absolutely right

  39. Subroto Biswas

    bilkul sahi sir

  40. Yes sir aisi hi h audience India ki

  41. Ranjeet Singh Shaktawat

    1000% shi baat bro ye mere saat hota

  42. Gaurav Chaudhary


  43. Prashant Talks

    Great thoughts

  44. Absolutely right sir

  45. Sahi baat

  46. Ha bhai thik kh rhe ho

  47. It's true. So true.

  48. raviteja cheruvu

    Its NICE description,responsible…

  49. Shri RADHEY Ladies Collection

    Sir i want to learn paid marketing for affiliate products and cpa offers…. how can i???

  50. Katherine Burton

    1:58 Yes i learnt to get money via DollarTod.c om

    $400 in a day is reachable

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  51. That's true and we need to change our mindset. Good Point.

  52. Mr.Genius Creation

    Aisa hi hota he bhai

  53. MohitKumarGupta Collections

    You can purchase from payback links, Bank links and get cashback, why purchase from affiliate link

  54. Sourav Adhikari

    Thanks for highlighting the issue.

  55. Avishekh Aditya

    He is absolutely right..Asian mentality is very very different from the Westerners..especially Indian mentality!

  56. Indian logo ko free ka pasand hai na sir….

  57. Thank you for this information sir..

  58. Nagendra Pratap

    You're right Sir. We should encourage our Indian affiliate marketers by buying products through his affiliate link

  59. Sir mai 22 days pahle google adsense ke liye apply kiya lekin abhi tak adsense aprove nhi kiya or naa nhi koi message aaya adsense ke taraf se
    Kuchh upay hai ya wait kawna hoga
    Please reply sir

  60. 3:47 Yea i learnt to earn money via DollarTod.c om

    $500 in a month is easy

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  61. You are 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% right.

  62. My_Knowledge_ Buffet

    That's true..

  63. lucky review king of reviewer

    super, creative, and mind-blowing video, you explained each and every point in a perfect way.
    I have seen your video on youtube.
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  64. Actually I remember geekyraranjith mentioning his links were affiliate links in a video

  65. 0:16 Yeah i managed to get cash via DollarTod.c om

    $500 in a day is reachable

    සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණයි

  66. Mw Mishrikotkar


  67. Thats true sir

  68. Piche dhekho piche to dhekho

  69. Kaushik Gandhi

    Main jhuth nahi bolunga … I am a successful affiliate marketer and have been doing it for years … but even I didnt click links till last year.

    Thankyou for sharing this video mate all the best. I hope we win together.

  70. pushpanjali sahu

    Thank you sir

  71. हिन्दी पत्रकार. प्रेस

    Koi Nahi bolega ki MERI link se buy Karne par mujhe 50 to70 % commission milega, kyonki ye ek prakar se buyers ke sath dhokha he..
    Or dhokha bolkar nhi Kiya ja sakta,
    Jis product ki kimat 5$ ho skti he sirf Apne fayde k liye company usko commission ke liye $50 me sell Karti he, jisme 75% tak commission HOTA he..
    Totally froad with consumers
    Yahi vo feeling he Jo sirf har Indian me Hoti he..sach koi nhi bol payega dost, we already 100yrs backward against USA..
    Because we don't accept reality

  72. Ari Chatterjee

    In India, affiliate marketing won't work that way because of the economic deficit among people. Any affiliate marketer in India would have to directly deal with the company and have them generate a discount code or something like that, only then it will work.

  73. Very good bhai v need to take bold step

  74. tech vidyarthi

    Yes sir this is so true

  75. Thank you sir

  76. Sir mere blog par daily 400 pageview aata hai par click only 1 aata hai
    Conversion 0 hai
    Ye halat hai affilate marketing ki

  77. I know this thing before only sir That’s why I don’t look on Indian side when it comes to affiliate marketing

  78. Yes brother you done it very well.

  79. Very true… indian mindset ko change karna mushqil hi nahi namumkin hai..
    Free me subscribe bhi nahi kar sakte…
    Bahot mushqil hai…it will never change.
    But i like that u r trying for the best

  80. True sir

  81. Sir plz make a video for seo with affiliate marketing !

  82. Arqaan khan lifestyles

    100% true'

  83. E sach hai ki aap jitna bhi koshis karo par Indian mind set ko change nahi kar sakte. Indian kabhi kisike bhalai nahi chahaengye.

  84. 100% Agree Brother. Also Indian Audience Afraid to Invest and They don't believe in Indian Creator, but if some foreign creator provide same content they will believe and trust them and buy from their link.

    This chain must be break. Thanks for this Value ❤️

  85. Digitally Mithun

    Although I am not into affiliate marketing, I truly admire the topic you chose & brought forth. I hope this video makes some positive impact on people's mindset basically in India.

  86. Bilkul sahi kaha hai sir apne

  87. Rakesh Baranwal

    Sahi baat hai koi nahi chahta ki dusre ka fayda uske vajah se dusre ka ho,nice gesture.

  88. Ambrish Sirawal

    Sahi hai Bhai Accha message Diya hai aap ne

  89. Kya aapka a video me apne youtobe channel pe dal sakta hu sir

  90. Me aapke is vichar se sahemat hu

  91. Ur absolutely right my bro..
    Today onwards I will change my mindset…

  92. Aribam Sharatkumar Sharma

    There are three things which are very difficult to make instant changes…. 1. To lose one's body weight, 2. To improve computer typing speed & 3. To change the mind-sets of Indians…

  93. Make Money Online Fast

    0:48 Yea i learned to make cash via

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  95. Absolutely true bro

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  97. Kathryn Delgado

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  98. 1:21 Yes i managed to earn cash via

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  99. Debeswar Sabar

    Sir solo ads ke baare main ek video banao

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