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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners 2020 // Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Guide

Affiliate Marketing is how most people start making Passive Income (Automated Income). This Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide gives you 5 Steps to Start with Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online and breaks down my 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing Strategy.


Affiliate Marketing is not “get rich quick” and nobody makes money in their sleep overnight. Affiliate Marketing is commission based sales, and revenue sharing. If you can create value for a company through sales or leads you should earn revenue sharing and benefit from the value you create for the company.



When you can automate this process, and have affiliate marketing commissions happen from your evergreen content, this can become true passive income that has little to no upkeep as long as the content generates traffic.

Through YouTube and blogging it is possible to generate a full-time income with Affiliate Marketing over a period of time. Currently my own content generates roughly $8000/mo or more on average in passive income through affiliate marketing with about about $7000+ of that being Recurring Passive Income.

This is not something that can be done easily or quickly, and it took me roughly 4-5 years to accomplish earning Affiliate Marketing income of that level, and doing so in a way that represents Passive Income or what I refer to as automated income, since promoting my content also happens in an automated fashion through software or search engines or by leveraging the time of my team.

00:00 INTRO
01:25 What is Affiliate Marketing?
02:46 Step 1 to Affiliate Marketing
04:06 Step 2 to Affiliate Marketing
06:00 Step 3 to Affiliate Marketing
09:42 Step 4 to Affiliate Marketing
11:05 My 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing Strategy
13:29 Step 5 to Affiliate Marketing
14:44 My Best Affiliate Marketing Advice
15:54 Question of the Day



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