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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners (Easy $5,000/Month)

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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners (Easy $5,000/Month)

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  1. Hi sir crestani im mark from philippines i just got to your videos and im got really like your video to make money i hope u can teach me i want to be your affliate too sir..godbless you sir crestani.

  2. Selina Tolson Collins

    Can't wait ☺️

  3. Hello sir im liza from philippines, waiting for your new video.. i love watching your all vlogs about online jobs.

  4. Haris King - Million Dollar Dream

    John is the affiliate marketing KING

    Who else likes making money in their sleep?? ✅✅✅

  5. Jarrod Collins

    Let's see this work

  6. Mr.Squash Martins

    Loving this
    LET'S GOO!!!

  7. Jarrod Collins

    Anyone else kinda hungry? No? Just me? Okay…

  8. yoooooooo!!!!! i mad3e it

  9. Happiness_ till_infinity

    Very good, bro

  10. keitumetse tidimalo

    I wanna make money online

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  15. Affiliate Jetset

    I missed those

  16. Ya need — ya need … TRAFFIC

  17. this man is really realy good i want to try it as soon as possible thank you for sharing

  18. can I learn affiliate marketing how to do, I dont know anything about this topic ?


  20. Aaditya Nayyar

    That's me, so how can I still gain trust?

  21. GraceWabara - BuildingTomorrowToday

    I'm at the point of starting out Affiliate Marketing, though I am currently in Network Marketing

    So this is very helpful

  22. Zahida Hussain

    Yes! John this video is very value pack informative one. Thank you very much John for very valuable information on Affiliate Marketing. Thank you.

  23. That's me.

  24. Media Consultant

    It makes total sense for the three niches (what drives people) to be Health (Food), Wealth (Money), and Relationships (Sex). It is because so people are always driven by Food, Money, and Sex (not necessarily in that order). It depends on the person buying.

  25. Goce Kostovski

    Where do you get those shirts from John? They are as wrinkled as they can be… Haha

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  27. That's Me

  28. John what happen to your Ebook Product when are you going to talk about it

  29. Yes I am introvert

  30. Nice Tips! Thank you! I will utilize these tools! New Subscriber here!

  31. I’ve made $350 so far this week.. thanks so much John

  32. I’m an introvert, but I love to talk to people

  33. Thank you for Sharing Sir John 🙂


    I started my affiliate marketing 2days back. You gave me so much courage to start and now I even have 46 visitors but yet to sell am planning to get money open a website & keep marketing through website

  35. John Why don't you add your amazing Intro to the starting of ur vedios which you were posting in all previous vedios of last year
    That was amazing We love it ❤️

  36. You are great man ..cant you helf me sir..

  37. Webhost Winner

    Thanks for the tips

  38. Find Your Future

    I haven't even watched the video yet, but i do know it's gonna be good. continue the amazing content

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  40. Jexson Jenkins

    thats me

  41. Jexson Jenkins

    hey I've been working on this for about 2 months now and haven't found any success.. i want to make this work but it just seems like it won't go anywhere. I haven't had many clicks yet either. Im sticking to it and wont give up i just want to really know why nothing is working

  42. White Horse Studio

    Hello John thanks very much sir…

    I have been watching your videos from weeks and finally I generated by first online money today it's $400 !!
    Now its continous.

    Really thanks ❤❤❤

  43. Loved ur content thanks

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  45. I miss your trainings u care

  46. If im lisaloves want to do relationships like start youtube channel like talk show online

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    εξαιρετική λύση για όλους τους ανθρώπους

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    Sana manotice na ako yieeee pangilang ulit ko na ito

  51. Jezrene Bagaoisan

    iphone 12 po sana for my online class thankyou po huhu ::))

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