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Amazon Affiliate Marketing in 2021 For Niche Site Beginners. Step-By-Step Tutorial

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How much can you really make with Amazon Associates?
Amazon has armies of affiliates making hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands per month. I’ve been earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing since 2015 when I got laid off from my project management gig.

I’ll tell you the process to get started with Amazon Associates. Plus I’ll show you 3 examples of actual Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites (plus what they are earning!)

Here’s are the phases:
1. Find the perfect niche even if you don’t have any ideas.
2. Set up the site quickly without a bunch of software you don’t need.
3. Publish content and product reviews (even if you don’t own the products)

We’ll cover the main steps, then show you some examples, and how much money you’ll need to get started.

So why should you listen to me when there are so many bozos on YouTube?

I was featured in CNBC about Amazon soaring during the pandemic. I’ve sold sites for multiple 6-figures.

Recent Examples:
Gaurav got started during the lockdown in Apr by Dec, he made over $10k in Dec 2020.
Christy has a 2 year old site in an obscure niche. She’s making about $1,800-2,500 per month from Amazon. That’s only about half of the total revenue for the site.
Melissa hit $1,000 per month in Dec 2020. She was making hundreds per month before growing her revenue.

1: Find Your Niche
You need to find the topic of your website. You don’t have to follow your passion or be obsessed, but it makes it easier to work on something you have an interest in. You know what you like, so list out 5 or 10 hobbies, pastimes, or interests

You should also think about the size of the niche and if people are looking for the information.

Your site will get traffic after someone searches on Google for something like, Best Yoga Mat for Beginners.

Those phrases are Keywords.
There are tools that will tell you the estimated number of searches each month in google for the phrase. So you can check the keyword in the keyword research tool for the estimated search volume.
Learn about Long Tail Keyword Research

2: Set up the Site
Select a Domain Name
Set up a Hosting Account
Select a WordPress Theme

3: Publish Content
Luckily, this is the perfect thing to have templates.

Here are the steps for writing content:
Create a list of topics using the keywords from your research.
Outline the content or outsource it.
Use the Perfect Amazon Review Template. You can get a copy of the template. Use it yourself or give it to your VA.
Publish the content.

What if you don’t own the product that’s being reviewed?
Read the product description on Amazon and download the user’s manual.

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Best Roof Box making over $1k/month
By Alex Cooper, @WP Eagle
All documented: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BBXepO33ag&list=PLOnRcB5hR6gLL_HAeU_LDOcxt76XOP8JK&index=1

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Every Beer Lover Has a Great Homebrewer Inside Them

By Karl Steinmeyer

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By Matt Giovanisci of @Money Lab

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