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Easiest Way To Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing Step By Step

Here is my complete ClickBank tutorial:
👉 https://youtu.be/7P0iZ6TThXQ

Easiest Way To Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing Step By Step

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most lucrative industries you can be in. You don’t have to ship any products, you don’t have to handle customer support, you just promote products from an affiliate network such as ClickBank or any other, and you are getting paid a commission which is a % from the total sale amount.

In this tutorial, I am walking you step by step on how to start making money with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner and also I am showing you some special websites that help me double my money.

Don’t click this:
👉 https://bit.ly/2VrBJXJ 😁💰🙏

How to make money using Google:
👉 https://youtu.be/iM-K1ITHJVE

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  1. Reprogram Your Life

    hello i want to buy your course but pinterest dont accept prepaid cards so do you teach other way to get credit card to use for pinterest ads.

  2. Before After Edits

    your channel is really good, your content is a slap to all those fake gurus out there

  3. ademola mofobi

    I love this video, I gained how to promote Facebook group. I have a MMO group I started in February, today I have over 186k in it, some day more than 1000 joined! How it happened I didn't know until this video! I have a weight loss group not growing, I don't post, but I know what to do now. Thanks Ross.

  4. is site. pro free service or paid. and how to add this page to my personal domain.

  5. Mohammed Shabaaz

    Big fan of u Man!!!!❤️

  6. Site.pro show or the link your link is not secure
    When somebody see this then people don't trust in our website
    So tell me how we can solve this issue
    And why you are not active on instagram

  7. Yoooo Minchev again!! We love you bro! How can I join your facebook group?

  8. oh my man ….

  9. You have the same rules in your group, that will ban anyone who tries to implement your own tactics, and all groups have the same rules.

  10. Ur voice is different…..

  11. Site.pro is paid website…I tried but asking me to buy…

  12. makemoneyonline

    Thanks ,it was vey informative .

  13. Hi Ross , I bought the Kickstarter ads course but the link to login is not working . Please advise ! Thanks

  14. You know that Ross is dropping real VALUE because the channel is EXPLODING!! Awesome man!

  15. Great video Ross! Thanks so much. Have a great one.

  16. Robbert Mureau

    How many did you earn with this FB group?

  17. Another great tutorial. As far as getting a domain name to make it look professional, do you buy a domain name straight from site.pro or forward it to namecheap? And you don't need to buy hosting correct?

  18. The Review Forum

    I like your video even before watching because I know you give gold info. Thanks brother

  19. amr abdelmonen

    Hello, Ross. Thank you for the tip. I tried pin ads after 3 days it began to perform well for 2 days reaching the cost per action I aimed for but it began to spend the whole daily budget very fast without me changing anything. The conversions dropped significantly. I waited 4 days but couldn't be more patient so I dropped the cost per sign up. what is your opinion? can you advise me, please?!!! also, why the CPM is changing every day?

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  21. Awesome stuff. I'll be rewatching this and implementing this weekend.

  22. Vladimir Panov

    Great video again, Thanks Ross.

  23. I want you to tutor me

  24. Please create a vedio on how to be eligible for monetization on YouTube

  25. Hey @Ross, great fan of yours.really love your content. I m from India and unable to create clickbank account. Do you have any ninja tips for me to help create one so that I can start affiliate marketing? Would be a great help bro

  26. Eda & Can Kids

    Thank you so much ….

  27. chinachina21 chinaboy

    Very good the Way you shows us very nice things a lot

  28. got a problem do i need to buy a domain on site.pro. i got site ready i push publish. it says domain. please help.

  29. Rob Rivers III

    Mr. Minchev…. you have done well here! Explained each step clearly and provided details at every step; very impressive and IT REALLY WORKS! I've been involved in affiliate marketing for 3 months and I rank you in the top 5 people who I trust. Thank you for this training session. I have to laugh about your final comment, You ask people to approve your channels and if they didn't like….approve you anyway, lol! funny guy, and I like you! 🙂 thanks again!

  30. Ross, can you create 24-hour challenges where you try Clickbank new user and all that stuff finds new stuff?

  31. You’ve just became my favourite!!

  32. amazing video!! one tutorial for affiliate marketing through the youtube channel

  33. do you have a video about creating Facebook like page cheap? or can you make a video about it thx

  34. You are the best really…smart and lovely person…i love you bro so much ❤

  35. There are many channels on YouTube explaining how to profit from the Internet in vague ways for beginners to get the largest number of followers, but you give us real strategies and some tricks to help beginners. Really i love you man and i hope every beginner from all world watch you channel.
    biggest greeting and appreciation to you from Morocco

  36. Clickbank does not accept registration from some countries. Can you explain to us the affiliate marketing from the digistore24 platform? Thank you so much.

  37. Find Your Future

    Does google promotions truly disdain affiliates?

  38. gazaine wise-one

    I wish I could give you 1M Subs

  39. Ross, would this method be good for Bing ads?

  40. Christine Collins

    You are the coolest dude ever. I recently came across your channel. I have subbed and have been binge watching your video's. Absolutely love them. Thank you for all that you are doing. ❓

  41. very good sir your great man and You are the most reliable person, in fact, you provide more wonderful content. thank you

  42. Rukawa loves roulette Lee

    facebook groups wont allow any marketing links in the groups! They will ban the member from the group. Dont you have that issue?

  43. The growing tech

    Sir plzz provide a course on affiliate marketing…step by step process…. How can a biginer can acheive

  44. desmond chukwuemeka

    Thank you for doing this, Ross.

  45. Roxana Braescu

    Did you get any complaints from people that made a clickbank purchase from the Facebook GROUP
    If you did what do you reply ??
    I was thinking of doing a group page but Im worried about how I handle the complaints if people are not happy with the results from clickbank

  46. Kenneth MacLennan

    Great video, Facebook group looks an excellent way to get a buyers base..

  47. Olasunkanmi Ogunkomaya

    Great video…

    Thank you

  48. I tried posting in fb groups. But strangely some time after posting, I couldn't find my post anywhere in the group. It had auto posting, no moderator.

  49. Do you have Instagram trick to grow followers

  50. Direwolf05 Direbjorn

    Thank you man you are very legit but is there diffrent ways of also advertising for free because i dont make any sales if i post it in facebook groups

  51. Abraham Omoniyi

    Thanks for the intensive lecture on clickbank.I'm from Africa and i use to beat the clickbank by using vpn how would i cashout my Payment ..please reply me on abramomoniyi at gmail.com

  52. Ross, you are such a genius.
    Thank you very much.
    I need to study your amazing method.
    Best regards

  53. Hi bro why do you pre approve your members in FB group and what questions do you ask them?

  54. Brian Pfeiffer

    Dam crushing on the views

  55. Hello Ross/Boss!
    How much money do you believe someone should have in order to start affiliate marketing with ClickBank, Facebook ads and email marketing ?

  56. Love from India ❤️

  57. Elizabeth Macharia

    Hello,I like the way you show us the tutorials step by step even the hidden secrets.Keep it up.l have tried this clickbank affiliate but I cannot sign up.I am from Kenya.Could this be the reason why I am unable to sign up???Waiting for your answer

  58. 0:37 I setup you auto proffit site with done for you 6k monthly income. It is a ready made website with content, connected offers (digital products), google advertisement, amazon advertisement and 1 month connected traffic of visitors. Managing it wisely you earn 6k monthly and your expenses will be 1950$ for the installation and 600-700$ for traffic which you need to send monthly. Speaking about traffic you will not need to worry about this- as we usually send this amount and we continue maintaining it. It is not the system that you just press the button- and here is money, as you will need to manage it. But if you follow our instructions the income is guaranteed. w h t s a p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

  59. Archana Tejwani

    Your content is amazing ! Plss make more n more videos for free methods of clickbank earnings

  60. Just subscribed to it straight to the point no nonsense vids!

  61. Online Explorer

    How are you optimizing site.pro for mobiles?

  62. Learnerpreneur

    This is great content sir, tyvm. I like the fresh clickbank strategies you provide, and I'm stoked to try them myself. Thanks man

  63. Kenlloyd Hutchinson

    Please I am asking you please to help me I has buy into a program and it doesn't work I don't hear nothing of if I am willing to work hard at it you to help me ..please I have spend all I have the other on this and now I am flat nothing to get back so please show me this video is good I am going to watch this over and over again to learn it please do more videos please I have already subscribe thanks I am from jamaica

  64. As Always awesome information and Contenet

  65. Great Content! Can you make some videos how to move with paid ads further? THANK YOU

  66. so we can copy blog posts but just change a few words and pictures?? Is that what your suggesting?

  67. jayasree mallick

    Hello Sir, I am from India. I like your videos and your way of presentation and see all videos. But still not able to earn a single penny

  68. who tryed it ? this is the best strategie to make money fast and easy

  69. DigIncome Guide

    *Hello Minchev….

    What a monster value content! clonin* g a website with zero coding skills! I followed all your steps and nailed every single steps you outlined!Three quick questions:
    (1) But can I integrate a capture page within site pro?
    (2) Would you advise someone to use paid traffic and send it to that page built at site pro?
    (3) I have my own sendibble basic pop up form builder and was thinking whether I can embed lead capture or optin form at a landing page/site hosted at site.pro!
    Otherwise it would be similar to direct linking to an offer which would be so awful for paid traffic

  70. Md Mostafizur Rahman

    Can you suggest site.pro alternative, which site is free

  71. Osaremen Agbolo

    Ross you are the award winner affiliate marketing teacher 2020. I have been watching your contents quietly and diligently to see the end of the real value before I opt out your channel, but the more I watch the much i get interested. Today I have decided to take a permanent resident in your channel. No more one leg in one leg out and i hope you will keep up delivering better contents. God bless you more!

  72. Jonathan Ovnat


  73. Hi, Ross Minchev
    I'm very glad and lucky because I found you, I got from you the dream I hope to achieve for a while thank you so much.

    You helped me create two mini-websites about weight loss both are active right now but I'm not getting orders from anyone till now.



    I don't know how to find the best and cheap traffic to add my websites to, in order to boost the visitors to my website.

    For sure you have more options to solve the more difficult issue rather than this one, I hope to get a solution!

  74. Marialy Belgiovane

    Hi Ross! thank you, you are a great person, blessings!

  75. Ross I request you to make a guide of forum marketing

  76. Can i integrate email id automation and campaign like mail chimp in site pro?

  77. Not a bad video but to be honest you will never earn a penny with this method…. Facebook Groups sucks!

  78. itimahfaculty E

    Great information I need your mentorship.

  79. @strictlybiz8 on Instagram has cool inspirational memes .

  80. Hey man. Tnx for your videos. I have a problem, can't register on clickbank. While register i got a error "Service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." Do you know what problem?

  81. toptrendingtvchannel

    Promoting in Facebook group suck , most especially u promoting in d group are from poor country .


    Brother you are master of the tricks. One day one I saw one of your video and became your subscriber and big fan. I don’t want to make tons of money quickly and I requested you for this earlier also. Please at least teach me genuine and legit ways that you use to make some money from clickbank. At least 1000$ a month pls be my guru. You are a messiah I know and you will help me for sure. I am here by leaving my personal email address for you [email protected]gmail.com please get back to me

  83. Road to Endorphin

    Hi Ross, thank you so much for the value. One question, when I open the marketplace on Clickbank the header is empty and the only thing is to see is to choose languages. Your header is full of menus.

  84. Insane content bro. I'm coming from dropshipping and start to learn about affiliate and other stuff 😉 Glad to find your channel

  85. Aliyu Murtala Aliyu

    Always on track man, thanks for the good job done.

  86. Sir, thanks for the informative class

  87. Bertha Butt Dieting Tips

    I followed all of your steps. That is not a free site. It is trying to charge me. Any advice?

  88. Bertha Butt Dieting Tips

    Okay, it is showing up now.

  89. Enjoying content try to get into your affiliate ways but how did you grow FB so quickly

  90. I paid for the Site.Pro website service and the icon circle states this is an unsecure website. Not going to get any sales with a unsecure site.

  91. Site.pro is demanding the domain name not the link.What to do?

  92. got value thank you

  93. Juicy stafff ❤️!!!

  94. Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos. I really think that you deserve more views! Have you heard of FollowSM . c o m!!? I think it would really help you grow your channel!

  95. Thanks good explains

  96. Thank you for your help, Love from india
    As a beginner how much i will spend to run google ads camping…? Please reply

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  98. I have noticed that you do not ask for emails in your methods, is it not an important omission?

  99. Highly Effective

    I dig your videos and you make some great content. If you’re interested in making money online we gotta chat! Got some huge stuff coming up and you seem like the person that I should connect with. I subbed to your channel and I would love if you can show love back. I’ll be watching you more often!

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