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Fastest Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing (Make 6 Figures With Your Online Business)

Fastest Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing
How I went from Negative -$1200 In the bank to creating a 6 Figure Business & Leaving My Engineering Job in 9 Months

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A complete breakdown of the Fastest Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

0:00 Fastest Way To Make Money Online
1:00 The Affiliate Fast Track Method
4:25 Finding these “Secret” Affiliate Companies
7:23 Search The Affiliate Program
11:10 Running the PPC Ad
17:15 Copy My Methods

Do you want to know the easiest way to make money online with affiliate marketing? Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and seeing notifications that you made income while you slept. This is the Fastest Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing in 2020 and 2021.

If you have a passion and desire to make affiliate marketing income? then this is the video and the tutorial to get you started.

In the step by step video I’m going to show you my exact method that help me create a six-figure affiliate business with multiple programs. Not only was I able to generate income from home, I was able to do this with multiple reoccurring passive income streams.

What we are doing is using Google ads to directly to affiliate programs that allow us to run PPC ads. This is completely legal if done right and I’m going to show you exactly from beginning to end how you can get started with this method.

Now I’ve been able to create a six-figure business with affiliate marketing in just nine months, and I know how hard it is to get started so I’m going to show you one of the easiest way you can get started without a funnel, without an email list, and without a following.

This is a method you can start making money fast and you can start today but of course I teach how to start a long-term sustainable business in the end. So if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can start a six-figure business make sure to check out my complete training.


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Fastest Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Watch Replay Here: https://youtu.be/d4zI3BN5P3w
Watch Replay Here: https://youtu.be/d4zI3BN5P3w

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  1. Passive Income Lifestyles

    How I went from Negative -$1200 In the bank to creating a 6 Figure Business & Leaving My Engineering Job Training here➡️➡️ https://www.jonathanmontoyalive.com/freedom

  2. Hi Jonathan
    I'm an engineer(newly) like you and your freedom breakthrough course seems very interesting but $1000 dollars? As yourself starting out – I don't have the money to pay for that. Do you teach something through your vids on yt or ? Create that auto system of yours?

  3. here from the tok 🙂

  4. Could you go a little more in detail about the costs and returns? How do you set the affiliate progam up and how do you get paid?

  5. Thanks…great content! Will you be doing more videos on traffic? That is where I am stuck!

  6. Digital Entrepreneur

    Thanks for sharing Jonathan

  7. Hi, is it possible that you spend more money on ads then you get paid for creating traffic so in the end you end up at a loss?
    Will try this method for sure, already have a few companies 🙂

  8. shradha shades

    Hi.. Do I need to pay to run these ads? I am trying to run one rn.

  9. J’ J’ s Online Business

    Perfect video! Could you do a tutorial, how to do perfect ads? Keep going, dude!

  10. Okay but I don't have any money to create an ad due to billing information 😐

  11. I tried this but 99% of business don't approve you to instantly and require you to have a business website/email to even be an affiliate. Any tips for getting around this? The "OmniSTAR" example you used does not even have an affiliate program. Thanks for the videos!

  12. Johnithon Veazie

    Here from TikTok. I will definitely try to implement this. Making websites, Pinterest pins, and making affiliate links is a full time job.

  13. fericel andrei

    For me the problem is when I type a name and affiliate program after in google I never received osiaaffiliat.com. Can you help me with that ?

    Thank you for your time like what you are posting. Keep up the goo work


    I neeeeeeed to know step buy step on how to run a google ad i have pin and paper ready to take notes and follow every time i do one of these

  15. You would need a bridge page right? I don’t think Google allows you to just put your affiliate link in the ad.

  16. J’ J’ s Online Business

    OSI Affiliate doesn´t belong to OmniSTAR

  17. Amanda Beckham

    1:14 Yeah i learned to get cash via d o l l a r t o d .c o m

    $400 in a week is reachable

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  18. Christina Andrews

    2:04 Yes I managed to earn money via d o l l a r t o d .c o m

    $400 in a month is possible

    එය සැමට වැඩ කරයි

  19. Almighty Smoove

    Can you tell me how are you able to see all those details on google when you do a research? Nice content by the way!!

  20. Hello, I noticed you only talked about paying google, and did not mention how we get paid with this method

  21. That was big bro good job, and also I appreciate that you are helping every person out there!

  22. AmericanFather S

    I am going to try this out! This video is very educational and I hope this works. Thank you so much for the info!

  23. I found a website that has an affiliate program which I signed up for and it provided me with an affiliate slug. How do I add the affiliate slug to the website address? I’ve tried to look around for answers but I can’t figure it out.

  24. Great video! How much will I make and how much will it cost me

  25. Final URL has differences, for example googling "Omnistar" will show up a google ad with "Jonathanmontoya.com" URL which might be really weird. Maybe if u had a similar URL like "Omni-star.com".
    Can you say something on this topic ?
    Great video by the way!

  26. Veronica Jackson

    2:53 Ye I learned to make money via

    n e t p a y j o b .c o m

    $700 in a week is easy

    εξαιρετική λύση για όλους τους ανθρώπους

  27. 3:18 Yes i managed to earn cash via

    d o l l a r t o d .c o m

    $600 in a week is reachable

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  28. Kathryn Delgado

    1:54 Yea i learnt to earn cash via

    d o l l a r t o d .c o m

    $300 in a week is reachable

    είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλους

  29. 1:11 Yeah I managed to earn money via

    netpayjob.c om

    $500 in a month is reachable

    සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය

  30. 2:26 Yes I learned to make money with

    d o l l a r t o d .c o m

    $600 in a month is reachable

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  31. 1:41 Ye I learned to make money with

    d o l l a r t o d .c o m

    $500 in a month is easy

    සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය

  32. fellow engineer trying to break free. you videos are very helpful.. how can I get a personal tracking link to put up a google ad for your affiliate program

  33. J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. Fast Computer Tips

    Congratulations on your baby and your success

  34. I am kinda confused on how you pay for the google ads and how do they send you the money?

  35. You seem knowledgeable on this, for those of us that are interested I would like to know more detail in creating the ad and setting up the permission on these companies.

  36. Why is my google not showing that any website has ads. Even Amazon is not showing an ad

  37. Make Money Online Fast

    2:55 Yeah i managed to make cash with

    d o l l a r t o d .c o m

    $400 in a month is reachable

    සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණයි

  38. If I have to pay Google every time someone clicks on the add how am I making money?? If I bid at $10 and someone clicks on the add do I have to pay $10 to Google because they clicked on it? What has to happen specifically in order for me to get a payout? Does the person who clicked on the ad have to sign up for the site? or what?

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