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Grab $40-450/Day With This SECRET Affiliate Marketing Play (AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS)

✔️Unique Method (No Clickbank or MaxBounty)✔️ No Website ✔️ Quality Traffic ✔️ High Conversions

Grab $40-450/Day With This SECRET Affiliate Marketing Play (AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS)

In this video, I will show a new niche where you can exploit a brand new affiliate marketing opportunity and make new money. This is a niche where you can help people save money and more money at the same time as well.

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  1. So glad I watched this video. So much good info, James!

  2. Marialy Belgiovane

    Thanks James!!

  3. Man, you are by far the best instructor on YouTube.

  4. I'm like oof… with face book… do you think pinterest would work as well?

  5. Thanks very valuable info.

  6. James, you make a lot of videos that start with "make $20-$400 a day with this EASY/unique/free/secret method" – but do any of your subscribers actually make that kind of money? I've started out doing CPA via FB Ads dealing with bans, constant CPC spikes, testing dozens of campaigns and although I do reach a positive ROI at times, it's still a very hard game that requires persistence and finding available cap on other networks. And what I'm doing is all blackhat! If I was to do say something "whitehat" like ecommerce then I'd need to 10x the testing budget I have now per offer. You make it sound all very easy but if the knowledge you get across in your videos was actually put in practice (your FB ads + sweepstakes in particular, for example) it wouldn't work! Because trying to run sweepstakes clean on FB or Google Ads equals to wasting money, nothing else. You are talking about a lot of things "on the surface" when in reality it's WAY harder than you are portraying in your videos!

  7. Jeez! I did not know about these two, thanks for the info!

  8. Great one!!! What were the free promotion strategies you mentioned???

  9. The best one I just do it and inform You soon about the result. Can I talk with You skype

  10. Steven Iannelli

    you moved from active campaign to email octopus? why is it better?

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