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How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website | Step-by-Step Tutorial 2020

Want to create an affiliate marketing site and make money online? Check out my Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing Website Tutorial 2020!

Get a Domain Name & Hosting for Your Website:

(I do receive a commission when you use the above link, but it gets you a discount on a domain and hosting as well. So it’s a win-win!)

Download the Follow Along Images Here:

Constant Contact Email Marketing:

Yoast SEO Tutorial:


0:00 – Intro: What is Affiliate Marketing?
0:48 – Overview
2:54 – Step 1: Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting
8:58 – Step 2: Install WordPress
12:46 – Step 3: Secure Your Website
14:08 – Step 4: Activate a New Theme
15:55 – Step 5: Activate Plugins
19:51 – Step 6: Select a Starter Template
22:08 – Step 7: Customize Your Website
53:30 – Step 8: Setup Affiliate Products
1:14:41 – Step 9: Create Blog Posts
1:30:06 – Step 10: Create a Blog Page
1:37:01 – Step 11: Create a Menu
1:40:32 – Step 12: Edit the Footer
1:41:58 – Step 13: Configure Pretty Links
1:43:59 – Step 14: Publish Your Website
1:45:13 – Outro


How to Use WordPress Tutorial

How to Create a Website in 10 Minutes:

How to Create a Free Logo in 5 Minutes:

How to Backup Your Website:

How to Get a Professional Email with Gmail:

How to Secure Your Website From Hackers:


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  1. Can someone tell me how to disable Amazon Affiliate Products price disable through the WordPress plugin?

    Plugin Name? Plz

  2. It looked like you were posting set prices for your Amazon products. The last time I was an Amazon affiliate you couldn't do that as the prices change all the time. You had to use an Amazon widget with real-time pricing. Otherwise, it was a good tutorial.

  3. Alexandra Zmudova


  4. This is the best video so far. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello Mr Dale, this is my next project……. I am preparing to build a website having Amazon Associates……. My question: As I am going to direct the work to US market, does it matter if I am outside USA (from Amazon point of view)? I am managing my work from Jordan and of course I aim to provide my real data (Address, payment). I have navigated in Amazon website and found a (not accurate idea that there is no problem), but I am still worried in case they have a problem if I receive payments in my local bank account

  6. MOM'S SNACK 맘스스낵

    Your video is really what I am looking for.
    And I have a question.
    What page look like if your click the featured page products?
    Do you have a video about this?
    Thank you for good video!!

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  8. Mohamad Reza Ariai

    Thank you so much for creating this programs. God bless you man.

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  10. थैंक्स

  11. Ranesh Madhanmohan

    Hey dale, i have a problem , the 'get started' message from astra isnt apperaring. what to do

  12. Kobus van Staden

    This is incredible – so complete and well explained that anybody can do it.Thank you so much for this FREE information.I`ve been struggling for weeks with this,untill I came across your video.Much appreciated.

  13. Carolina Rodriguez

    Thanks for the tutorial! However, a lot of things have changed since you uploaded the video. The sites have changed their layout and I had to find the information you were referring to try to keep up with you. It still gets you where you need to be but you have to hunt for the link and pages.

  14. Supriyo Naskar

    Thankyou sir

  15. Vida Senior Care

    0:27 Dale! "Payment SYTEMS"?

  16. Thanks a lot

  17. What happens if you say that Amazon is the only way I monetize my website, then end up adding another affiliate programs

  18. "6:36"
    When I was looking on the internet I found this * pyptolmon.xyz*
    Through this I earned more than $6513

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  19. Are you using Elementor or Elementor Pro?

  20. How to use cardflow edit

  21. It's very useful, Thank you so much Bro.

  22. Can you make a video to teach how to put clickbank affiliate in wordpress

  23. Hey Dale thanks for another great video, you killed it as always. I just wanted to clarify that the Free Signup for Constant Contact is not free, it's actually a 30day trial account. The basic EMail plan is $20.00/mo. Clearly, it's up to us to research which services to use, subscribing to WP Forms opens up other possibilities, a Basic plan is $39.50/yr with the Pro Plan coming in at $199.50/yr (~$16.00/mo) with Basic MailChimp for free this might be a good option for starters. I guess there's always a trade-off in that it could be a pain to move to alternative services later on. I just wanted to point this out to newcomers watching this video who maybe just like me are trying to keep down the monthly subscriptions while they test the water especially since many services want 1yr paid in advance to get discounts on their service, the running costs can mount up very quickly.

    I'll give the Constant Connections trial a go for now. Thx again Dale, love your content, very much appreciated.

  24. Very helpfull. I wasted my 3days for this information. Finally find it all together .

  25. Thanks a lot for this amazing tutorial! One question; If I plan to create several affiliate marketing websites where I'll be selling Amazon-products, should I create a different Amazon-account for each of these websites?

  26. Affiliate Marketing - Slavik Kishka

    This is a great video, you are a MAAAANNNN. I was looking for this tutorial. I need to create a website to add one more source of traffic to my affiliate products.

    I'm now using Tik TOk. It has tons of traffic right now !!! Do you use it ?

  27. Hi Dale, Great tutorial! The constant contact is no longer free, only 1 month free trials, any suggestions? I know AWEBER is free till 500 contacts, can you update or add a short video on that? Another Q…When I try doing the navbar white it's taking half or third of my screen which is huge, any idea?

  28. Does anyone know what kind of success you will have if you get into a niche with high competition?

  29. Good stuff "6:30"
    I don't need anymore my work thanks to pyptolmon. xyz
    I can finally enjoy life thanks

    අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  30. Ok so just a bit of info when setting up through Host Gator. Propagation can take up to 72 hours. Mine just went live after 72 hours so just keep chking back it will go live. HG support was fantastic also. I hope this info helps.

  31. Eduardo Mendes

    Man thanks from Paranaguá Brazil you are a Wizard man.

  32. Great Step-by-step! Second time I'm going through it as I'm actually doing the steps right now. I'm already stuck at the WordPress Installation. For some reason there are more categories than on your screen, like plugins and advanced options. I might need your personal number to compete this all! 😀

  33. Nice content! All my solo ads comes from Udimi.com they filtered all traffic and make sure all clicks are legit.

  34. marco campinoti

    Thanks so much for this video, really helpfull, im your new subscriber, just a question if i use bluehost its ok or its too slow? and waht about privacy policie disclaimer etc to add to the website, we can put them on the foother?

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  36. Hi mate , fantastic video ! keep going !

    If you can help me (cause i am totally noob in affiliate marketing), i want to ask, what do you advise me if i want to start affiliate marketing ?
    1. Create an Affiliate Marketing Website like you did ?


    2. Subscribe to a Funnel application (like GrooveFunnels) and start selling from there?

    Whats your opinion for Funnel applications ?

    Thanks !

  37. William Grantham

    Quick question Isn't it against amazon affiliate policy to copy and paste images?

  38. Natalie Barker

    you never mention, if the domain name was from another website like GoDaddy, that there is a 60 days wait before it could be transferred. Its frustrating for me as a new user/builder to figure this out on my own.

  39. Blue Rocket Videos

    You did a first class job of making your site and showing us how it's all done, Thanks, Steve Jones UK

  40. Awesome super video Thanks

  41. WOW!!!!

  42. The video is so grateful, but I would lke to know if I can add google and Facebook ads in such kind of website

  43. Sarowar Hossen

    Thank you very much for this valuable thing ❤

  44. Learn The Basics

    hi, may i know whats the name of your theme you used in http://www.littlecoffeeplace.com ? is it a free themes or paid?

  45. Is it possible to create a e commerce and affiliate website together or is it best to keep each of them separate and create two websites instead ?

  46. I have followed all your instructions on my new website https://lesgadgetsdenico.com and nothing works. What should I do now?

  47. How do u edit the footer? I've tried going into the astra options and tried with elementor but no joy.

  48. Teodora Gunday

    hi there i have a problem at the end of my amazon associate account where type the character in the above image , is not go through i did it several times but not working. thank you i appreciate it if you have any suggestion

  49. Hi if your niche is coffee, how can i find a niche that sells or should I go down the coffee niche as well? Thanks

  50. This is perhaps the best tutorial I have ever seen, and I have seen hundreds. It is clear, concise and very complete. You should be proud of yourself man…I could have just skipped to minute 1;10, didn't need the rest, but it was so good I just had to watch the whole thing. I am going to watch your other videos… really good stuff, thank you!

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    Absolutely fantastic content. There's a lot of value here.

  52. Sjoe! What a marathon. I am exhausted, but it was worth every minute, and I will certainly be referring back to this – definitely more than once.

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  54. great great video man, very engaging and easy to follow

  55. It's a really good thing to do amazon, I'm going to set it up coming of weeks however I have a question. I have WordPress three months ago. Should I create another one or what should I do. Please reply me thank you.

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    you are champ.. best thing all stuff is free to create website

  58. Kathryn Delgado

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  59. Andreas Harding

    Yoast SEO and Elementor does not really operate well for me. Elementor widget sidebar is loading indefinitely, but when I deactivate Yoast SEO Elementor works fine. What could be the problem here?

  60. Thank you so much Dale, this is very practical and useful to most beginners.

  61. 37:43 – WP is steering us towards a specific, and payed provider… no point till site has good traffic and is bringing steady revenue. Then it might be an option. Meanwhile subscription emails should just be going to my Admin email.

  62. Passive income tax ? (Canada)

  63. Just BRILLIANT ..

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  66. Hello sir thats a great video and easy explanation, but 38:00 that constant contact is showing free but when i tried to signup, it asking to take 1 month free trail, im bit confused, please help

  67. Terri Alvarado

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  68. Baghdad Amghari

    adding products prices manually may get you banned from the amazon associates.. am I wrong?

  69. Hello everyone, here are the 3 best building websites in 2020

  70. Nur Alam Siddiki

    Hello, I was trying to remove the cart icon, unfortunately, it is not removing the way you mentioned it the video. Can you please give us more update how can we remove it. Thank you. The address http://www.refefy.com

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  75. John Kochanowski

    Just… wow.

  76. Constant Contact is asking for a payment method. What should I do about it? Please help.

  77. I wonder if you still pick up messages here and/or answer queries, we will find out. What happens then? I get everything set up, my pages with links to the products, that my visitors are looking for, an Email form and a Thank You Email, upon sell confirmation. I check back in a few days and I have information about products I've sold and payments pending. Now what? What do I do. How often do I need to go to my site? What do I do to maintain my site? If a product will no longer be available, does the supplier let me know? So that I can remove it from my site. I actually have two (2) websites that are being wasted right now, yep. I am going to try to set up my sites now, using this tutorial. I am not techy at all, so. I really do want to do this myself. GOOD LUCK TO ME! Thx so much for this opportunity to learn. Sherrye

  78. This is a great tutorial it is just what I was looking for to help me with my amazon affiliate venture, I just have one question that I hope you can answer for me.

    Do you need to have separate word press accounts and woo commerce accounts or do they come with the host gator account?

  79. 1:40 Yes I managed to get money with

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  80. Burnie Blackmon

    What a piece of shit advice. I followed your advice. Now HostGator has my domain name locked up and I can't get it back for five days and I don't have five days . I have to get this set up this weekend or it may be months before I have the time to learn how to set up a website. Your advice was supposed to make this easy. Instead Your advice has really screwed me. Thanks for nothing.

  81. SAC Advertising

    Hi mate your videos are great, looking at getting into affiliate marketing, already have accounts with Amazon, clickbank and sharesale, would I need a website for each one or can I have one wedsite with different pages dedicated to each program plus a blog page with featured product?
    Thanks for your help


    Pokoknya YES

  83. Alain Jove Rosales

    Thank you very much for not making my nose bleed in creating the website layout. This is really helpful for me

  84. Scott.J.Kranendonk

    Just picked up the business plan for two years. Thank you so much.

  85. Andrew Bedforth

    I am not sure who didn't value this video, I wonder what they hoped they were going to see.. Great presentation, first class explanation and just the right length.

  86. Constant contact it´s not for free anymore.

  87. Good day, Prof Dale McManus. I'm Sarno Sinto, texting half a world from Texas, in Jakarta. Just would like to appreciate and thank you so much for all the magnificent presentation. Thanks a huge, and GBU.

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    Thank you so much! I am not computer savy but it's very helpful and very good explanation.

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  90. Beat of Her Drum

    This video was so helpful….thank you for taking the time 🙂

  91. So why we pick a theme that has a cart and generally speaking is a store setup ? With affiliate sites you do not need a cart just a post with links inside. So what you did with the cart ''mechanism'' ditch it ? Thank you for video twas good. If you need more sales in your stores check the link in my channel in the about section.

  92. You are the best human being in thw world for doing this .And am not flattering you.I mean it.Whats you name.Want to follow on social media

  93. Archana Prajapati

    Really informative video. Thank You!

  94. Andrey Draganov

    Its against Amazon Terms of Service to use prices and images without their API.

  95. Hey man 🙂 thanks for your tutorial… I was creating a site in square space but decide to try Word press because of you… But the thing is, nothing works as you describe on the video. I'm trying to install "Really simple SSL" and it just not working!… I had problems with php but was able to figure it out… But the SSL thing, I don't understand why it does not work…

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