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How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche
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Tools And Resources 🛠

Affiliate Marketing Niche Research Tool
💻 https://shrsl.com/2k1hm

Affiliate Marketing Video Maker Tool
📹 https://youtu.be/HGbUWS_oqw4

Affiliate-Friendly Email Provider
📬 http://bit.ly/affiliate-email-provider

Print On-Demand Quickstart Playlist
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Highly Recommended T-Shirt Tools
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Full Print On-Demand Tutorial
🎓 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvWFwKSEByw&list=PLIurOTqcE1C3mbbDzxQ1RRi-TqAuN78Vf&index=2

T-Shirt Design/Mockup Tool
👕 https://greggottfried.com/placeit-15 [15% OFF]

T-Shirt Niche Research Tool
🚀 https://youtu.be/2JI9VCIhPNI

Placeit Tutorials
💻 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIurOTqcE1C3lUUSmoP5o4oBH2eRIlEVD

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How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

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  1. I wish I watched this video first before starting, using KWFinder, the topic that I chose is high volume with low difficulty, but using SEMRush, it has a high difficulty of 84%, I think I'll just finish the 30 articles on my current niche, then just leave it without expecting it will rank, then create a new website with a lower difficulty. :/

  2. Hi Greg…I have been following your videos ,thanks for passing on your knowledge, I have two questions:
    1) I am in initial phase of pod with about a month into it, I haven't made sales yet ( hope it comes soon), I run a Instagram page for my tee spring niche store , some of my posts bring good response but on some posts it has almost no reach, is it something common or I am doing it wrong?
    2) I also want to go into affiliate website, this tool that you have mentioned in this video also gives info for keywords that we have to include in articles ?

  3. Hey greg, how important is it to get an article to 1000+ words? It's very difficult. Any tips?

  4. Hey Greg, is it a good idea to enable all the products in a teespring listing? Teespring offers so many new products now.

  5. This is so helpful Greg! Thanks to this and your other affiliate marketing videos, I have completed making my first niche site and have written 30 posts! I'm not sure if you have already addressed this, but I am really struggling with getting approval with Google Adsense on my affiliate marketing site. Do you have any guidance on this process? I've followed your other videos exactly (30 posts, unique articles, over 1,000 words per article, no plagiarism, etc.) so I'm not sure why they keep telling me there are issues preventing me from getting ads on my pages.

  6. Chris Saulnier

    Greg, THANK YOU for the great content!

  7. Navaneeth Neeth

    I wanted to know that your stuff about POD and affiliate marketing can work in all countries like India or not ? And what is the means of currency will they pay dollars in all countries.

  8. Excellent tutorial.

  9. Greg are you reading my mind? I was just brainstorming abt what niche I should go for my next website! I've finished my 1st 30 articles yesterday (took me abt a month, I'm in college and I don't have a lot of time) and still only 20 ppl saw my website but I'm positive! I'll be updating how my website goes.

    PS: thanks Greg for the awesome video, keep making more abt affiliate marketing, since you have so many abt pod, which is also great but way less complicated

  10. Straight to the point, helpful, and encouraging as always.

  11. meditation now

    greg amazing video!
    i just wanted to ask, what do you think about using google ads for keyword resarch?

  12. Is there a way and any point to integrate Instagram and other social media in affiliate marketing?

  13. Greg coming in clutch like always.

  14. Facts For Life

    Hey mate, just wanted to say thanks for your help. I followed your video on how to apply for Merch by Amazon and I recently got accepted. I also started a nich affiliate site again with lots of help from you. This video has helped me to find a good source of questions to answer for my affiliate site.

  15. Hi Greg!!!! Thanks for another informative video!! About POD, what do you think about the changes with KW Finder? Do you still continue to us it or do you recommend another site? Thanks to you, I do use KW Finder but the changes were confusing. Any advice? Thank you!!

  16. Daniela Quintana

    Hey! What’s the best email to reach you at if I have any questions ???

  17. Great info Greg, as always. Thank you!

  18. Davyd Alejandro

    Is there anything stopping someone from making a blog for affiliate links and as well as promote their POD designs on the same website?

  19. Hi Greg! I love your videos. They are so helpful and I love your way of explaining. I’ve been kinda discouraged because I haven’t made any sales in Redbubble since I opened in August.
    Yesterday I received an e-mail that one of my designs was removed because someone claimed a word in my design phrase saying it was theirs and it’s not. The word is just in the company’s name. It’s difficult because I don’t their is a lot of Spanish speakers in Redbubble’s customer service to understand me. It’s a word we say a lot in my hispanic Cuban culture.
    This is has encouraged me to open in Shopify instead, I think RB doesn’t fit my audience and I want to control the product prices.
    Can you recommend what are your favorite print on demand apps for Shopify?

  20. I started my POD finding a niche was definitely a challenge but I end up a finding a few a like that has a b or A grade on competition checker. 3 days in I’m just trying to push out good designs, market on Instagram, and look for other great niches!

  21. Ashutosh Hinduwar

    Hey i have seen a youtube video of wholesale ted she told in her previous video that teespring gone a shut down is that for real

  22. Wow, this website is really helpful. It actually makes you aware of how people think and search for stuff on the globe level and not just the US, which I really liked. I searched for "For Sale" and saw what people usually search for. I signed up for the free trail using the link you provided below. Thanks!

  23. Productivity by Design

    Agree with Uli. Just the right time as I am redoing my blogs and website to realign with affiliate marketing.

  24. Hey Greg amazing tutorial, I have a question can we place same description on every teespring listing, just slightly here and there in some words and rest all same can we do this? Wouldn't it be considered a spam?

  25. Timothy Wolshlager

    I found the video very helpful! Thanks so much Greg.

  26. This video is so full of value, thanks a lot for making it!

  27. Great video. Super helpful.

  28. Very useful tutorial, thanks a lot. What about the monetisation ? Now you have visitors, which affiliate product do you sell ?

  29. Greg the legend

  30. Thanks, Greg 🙂 In December 2017 I started a niche site similar to one of the top 3 you mentioned in this video. I was clueless on researching topics (back then) so I started out by answering the questions people asked me as I lived and traveled in my self-converted van. I moved in with my Dad as his Caregiver shortly after starting the site and I only wrote 14-15 posts. I don't earn much from it but, lately, every month is more than the last. I'm currently in the "figuring out life without Dad" phase but I plan to get back to building my business soon. But… I have to pick ONE THING! I started several things at once and, in hindsight, that was not a good idea.

  31. Kw has limited alot.. thx for the new tool bruh!

  32. Hi Greg, I'm publishing a book in my niche about 30,000 words. Is it ok for my to use the chapters and articles from the book on my website? This way I can have at least 30 or so blog posts right away.

  33. Christopher Clarke

    Great video as always greg. After doing 800 pod designs following your lead I've jumped into my first affiliate site. So far I've written 11 of the 30 articles. Using KW finder and ask the people. Havent had much luck with POD. Little bit here and there but really hoping I can get my affiliate site to turn a bit of profit.

  34. Hi Greg!I have a question. Can I do affiliate marketing without writing articles? Instead of that, I want to start my affiliate marketing on Instagram. Is it possible?

  35. Great video. Came at just the right time. I do have a few questions though and would love your insight on them.
    1) Which type of affiliate products would you link to? I mean the products have to be related to the articles but I'm thinking what type of products will I find on Amazon, related to converted vans or micro-greens?
    2) Do you still prefer Amazon Affiliate program? With so many other affiliate programs, and since the commission rate cut, I'm kinda leaning towards other ones…
    3) and finally, after the 30 articles, do you just leave it and wait for the traffic or can we do things like indexing (I'm currently not sure what that is but I read it somewhere) to get the traffic faster?

    Sorry I think I asked way too many question lol.

  36. Halfway to saving for your template/Wix subscription. I'm planning on writing about a topic I enjoy so that it will fulfill me personally and then hopefully financially down the road but I suppose I better look it up on SEMrush first so I know what to expect and maybe line up a second, more financially driven niche. As always thank you for the amazing information!

  37. Video Request: Hey Greg, we loved the video "How long did it take to make your first sale on Redbubble" – we have a NEW REQUEST…. " How many designs did it take you to get sustainable sales on Redbubble every month" – Please! 😀 <3

  38. J&J Temple Innovations Rollercomb

    I need to hire affiliates to sell my product by using Wix… How do I accomplish this?

  39. Akhil Raj Kumar

    Ubersuggest is free and good. Isn't it?

  40. Great video!!!! How can u write about stuff that u don't like, even if it's well ranked!?

  41. Mohammed Shoman

    It's one of your best videos man, I really liked it. But I have a question, where could you find companies to be affiliated for these niches since we used to go after amazon, click bank…etc. Thanks again

  42. If you have a video that shows how to get started in all this for beginners could you please link it Greg?

  43. ensar kahraman

    hello greg, I made a few sales on teespring and new features have arrived. I can't create a store anymore, what should I do in this case? I need your help

  44. Hey Greg, you've been a real blessing. From the first day I watched your video on how you earn from multiple streams I've stayed glued, I've actually started a channel to add another stream, would appreciate the encouragement. Let's see how it goes.

  45. Stefan Malešević

    Hi, Greg, thanks a ton for sharing all this! Just a quick question: I'm mining a niche that's 78% kwd / 33k volume, but it has 0 on SERP. Should that worry me or should we just ignore the SERP section?

  46. How to start this business

  47. Stefan Malešević

    Oh, and just a quick note to other viewers: If you've been wondering whether it's necessary to use quotation marks for two word searches (as this was an issue with other tools), I've tested it, and here it gives exactly the same results with or without, so SEMrush is basically putting the quotation marks for you 🙂

  48. AffiliatesHaven


  49. Hi Greg, great video – thanks. I know this was about affiliate marketing but can I just mention POD. Until the end of October, Merch Informer is offering their Pro version at $19.99 rather than $59.99. After viewing loads of your POD videos and your two courses on Udemy, I bought MI yesterday. It has loads of features (mostly, of course, aimed at Merch by Amazon) but I would be very interested to learn how you use it for other platforms like Red Bubble, Teespring, etc. It also has design and downloadable graphics features that I wasn't aware of. Any chance of a video about MI Pro?

  50. Stefan Malešević

    And one more question: what would you say is a decent search volume here? In KWFinder you were suggesting anything above 1000.

  51. Super awesome as usual! Thanks for sharing.

  52. Just a final quickie question if you have the time Greg 🙂 When you find topics to write about, do you only use the question you find as the headline for your post, or do you add a twist to it in order to differentiate from the competition? Would this affect the SEO ranking? Thanks mate, stay healthy!

  53. Great video again!!! What do u think about cpa marketing, is it worth it, would u recommend it, thanks!!

  54. Greg that was a really useful information. I must say that you've filled the whole sea in a small bottle in your just 12m long video. thanks a lot buddy. I really appreaciate your speaking and teaching style as well. it Great ! keep bringing the good and useful content like this !

  55. Hi Greg, this is a bit off-topic from this particular video. But do you know how I can integrate my TeeSpring Merch into my personal blog? I have several blogs and I would like to showcase my shirts on my niche sites. Any ideas? I appreciate any help I can get.

  56. Merch by Amazon don't accepted me and i try many times…. What do be accepted?

  57. Hey Greg! Love your videos! I've been struggling to get my first sales on print on demand. I've been following the steps, and even posting daily to promotional Instagram accounts. Are there certain types of designs that I should be trying to make? And how many designs do you think I would have to make before getting my first sale? Thank you!!! 🙂

  58. Monalisha Gupta

    Is there any free website for searching niches?

  59. Attractive Attires

    But if you are going to write articles on camping vans you would need to research them a lot first I assume unless you have prior knowledge on the topic? I mean I have no knowledge about camping vans or micro greens for that matter? How do you obtain all that knowledge?

    Why is peak traffic always at 8-9 months? And for how long does one of those sites keep generating money? you said on average 1000 dollars/month on average after 12 months, but for how long until it begins to go down?

  60. So what do you do about writing about those topics if you don't know the answer to the questions?

  61. Can You please do a video explaining the listings on Teespring. My issue is that, my products is in my listing but not in my storefront. I don’t see the purpose in separating the two.

  62. Hi Greg, recently discovered your channel and really enjoying your work. I have a question with regards to Teespring/Merch by Amazon/Redbubble – are these aimed at US sellers only, and if you're not from the US, are there any differences you're aware of or rules and regulations that non-US sellers need to consider (e.g. tax, payment methods, etc.)? Thank you!

  63. Hi Greg,
    One more question. How do you avoid duplicate content in 30 articles in one niche?

  64. Asitonka Achese

    Thanks for this video. It came just in time. I love all your videos. I mean, they are really helpful. Thank you so much.

  65. Hey Greg, great Video!
    I have an additional question. Redbubble is capable of offering a wide range of products and I heard other Youtubers say, that I should offer all of them. I admire your work and would like to know your opinion on it, since it takes a lot of time to adjust a design on all available products. If I shouldn't be offering all of them, which ones do you recommend?
    Thank you in advance and best wishes from Germany!

  66. Greg thank you so much for answering our questions, here's another one (when you have time): what are some other affiliate programs that can help us write our articles other than amazon? I've found a pretty good niche but amazon only have 2 or 3 items of that specific niche so I don't know where to find others to review on my website. Amazing video as always!

  67. Hi Greg from Dublin Ireland. Quick question. You recommend opening a new Gmail account when starting in print on demand. Does this mean I will have to open a new PayPal account with the new gmail address or can I use my long standing account with my original email (yahoo) address?? Or should I just stick with the yahoo email address I have??? Thanks. Great content and I'm gonna get started as soon as I (you) sort this little problem out …

  68. Hi Greg i got rejected by merch by Amazon. There is no option to reapply. What shall i do?

  69. I'm about to do a complete Niche shift Ugh…. I don't want to but I know the one I'm in "Funny animal puns with cartoon animals" is flooded. I have to make the change 🙂

  70. My girlfriend has a growing fitness page. I have been telling her to start watching your videos! Love your content, keep up the good work Greg


    Hey Greg this is like the 4th time I try to reach out to you, I'm kind of really confused it's been 8 months since I started my affiliate blog but still got no organic search. I did all the steps you recommended but still nothing .

  72. Great video! Thank you! Do you know if Redbubble still have an affiliate program? I know they are not with Shareasale anymore.

  73. Hello Greg! I have a question about POD Instagram page. In your opinion should we make it as a shop Instagram page? Should we put prices in the description?

  74. Hey man, good video. Question for POD, do you design using CMYK color mode? And making sure you are within "gamut for printing" range? thanks

  75. Rushikesh Dhimate

    Hey,Greg please make video on how to make one link in Amazon associates

  76. Leslie J. McDowell

    hi. if I am affiliate with top 5 retail companies. What kind of website or how should I create website so each retail store approves my site?

  77. Andreas Eberle

    When I was looking on the internet I found this * pyptolmon.xyz*
    Through this I earned more than $1354

    අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  78. How do you make money if you find a good Niche?

  79. Greg can we target a particular country for selling tees?

  80. Dilanka Dissanayaka

    Thankyou ❤️
    Is there a free tool to find trending products in Amazon ?

  81. hey Greg is that 1000-1500 words per EDUCATION entry or should all the articles, meaning all the ones in other categories also be 1000-1500 words per entry?

  82. Always pure quality and information Greg. I started to watch your videos about 4months ago, and I've learned so much. Thus far, I've created tons of t-shirt designs, and I'm on the edge of finishing up my first niche-specific website. All of this also kickstarted me to learn more about marketing, sales, copywriting, and business in general. Many many thanks for showing me a path I didn't know existed!

  83. Greg, do you think that building affiliate marketing niche websites and use Amazon Affiliate to monetize them is still a good idea? Do you believe that the Amazon Affiliate program might close in the near future? Thanks!

  84. This is a very helpful video, thank you for the info. I started an affiliate marketing website 8 months ago and have about 49 posts on it so far. I am seeing my traffic increase but it is increasing slowly, when I use Semrush to check out my niche I get 90.5K for volume and keyword difficulty of 81%, do you think it is worth continuing with this niche?

  85. Is low volume bad? Niche I'm interested in has 12k and 76% difficulty.

    When it comes to keyword difficulty 60-75 is ideal but what about search volume?

  86. Very useful info greg as always. But can you make a video on how to make niche specific site plzz.

  87. Abhipsa Routray

    Hey Greg, the topic research option isn't available on SEMrush. Idk if it's because I'm on the trial plan or something else… Could you tell other ways to find out what to write about?

  88. This video has a lot of helpful information on deciding on a niche and I am wondering if the niche I picked is to competitive. I started an affiliate marketing website 8 months ago and have about 49 posts on it so far. I am seeing my traffic increase but it is increasing slowly, when I use Semrush to check out my niche I get 90.5K for volume and keyword difficulty of 81%, do you think it is worth continuing with this niche?

  89. Abhipsa Routray

    Hey Greg! Could you do a video on copywriting? And please share some resources that helped you out in the beginning?

  90. Moghdoom Abrar

    Hi Greg, this video is good, one more thing have to clarify from you, that in Instagram we can only put one website ryt… In the other videos you says so many different storefront have to use for particular design then… if customer wants our previous uploaded Tees means how can they buy from insta website..
    If I updated into next present t-shirt storefront website…

  91. Matthew Brinson

    If anyone is curious where to find the "topic research" in semrush it has been updated and can be found under the tab "Competitive Research" on the left hand side.

  92. Matthew Brinson

    Hey Greg, so you mentioned in another video to make 1/3 of your articles educational, 1/3 review posts, 1/3 top lists. From this video and the information you can gather would you just use the info you get from semrush to create the educational posts and possibly a few of the review posts based on the info provided? Majority of the results tend to be educational questions for posts. Just curious your thoughts and if you would do review posts and top list posts based on products high ranking on Amazon and use titles that you just believe to be good? Or how would you go about finding titles for the review posts and top list posts?

    Kind of a loaded question, hopefully it makes sense 😀

  93. Greg Gottfried

    Resource Mentioned:
    SEMrush Free Trial: http://shrsl.com/2kcfa

  94. Is there a low threshold for monthly searches? I found a niche in the 60% range that only has less than 500 monthly searches.

  95. Babatunde Usman

    Hey bro, hope you are doing well.

    Am having some issues signing up for Amazon Associates. Is there any other platform / strategy you can recommend?

    Hope to hear from you soon… Thanks!

  96. Welder’s Paradise

    Much love Greg I need to make the time to use this information!


    Hey Greg, First of all thank you very much i follow all your videos and getting close to my financial independence goal. i want to ask can i unsubscribe semrush after 7 day trial or do i have to pay even afterwards

  98. Can this tool be helpful for an indian

  99. Hi Greg, I enjoyed the video. When you say my site should have 30 articles, should they all be around the same topic? So for instance, with your converted van idea, should it all be about converted vans and that lifestyle? Or can I create more of a "lifestyle" type site that writes about a bunch of different things?

  100. Hi Greg, does sas has more difficulty

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