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How to get Approved for Affiliate Marketing Programs

How to get Approved for Affiliate Marketing Programs by Mike Pitt. This is video number 423 ✅ Get TubeBuddy – https://bit.ly/3f8oxhs
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Mike Pitt is the Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd which is a B2B Content Marketing Agency in London.

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In this video I discuss, How to get Approved for Affiliate Marketing Programs https://youtu.be/0Lrcs2TLEqA

0:00 Intro
0:56 How Affiliate Marketing works
1:30 Approvals first
2:01 Your website
4:01 YouTube
5:00 Twitter
5:18 Instagram
6:11 Don’t just pick the highest commission
7:36 Content Strategy

This video will be of interest to affiliate marketers, business owners and providers of B2B services. It will also be of interest to training managers at B2B companies, B2B marketing managers, sales professionals, Content Marketing professionals, Social Media Managers and those who want to start Affiliate Marketing

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Mike Pitt is the founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd
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