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How to Make $1,000 a Month from Affiliate Marketing with Recurring Commissions

How to make $1,000 a month from affiliate marketing with recurring commissions. Now $1,000 may not be a lot but that slight difference could bring you from struggling to comfortable. Whatever it is, one thing is certain. Making $1,000 in passive income every month is realistic and doable. In this video, I will be walking you through the entire process so that you can start generating monthly passive income. Subscribe now: https://pengjoon.com/subscribenow

I have been promoting my own products as well as other people’s for more than 10 years now. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income as well as to dip your toes in the world of business and online marketing. But while most affiliate programs require you to get more sales to generate more income, there are some that are *recurring* in nature. What does this mean? It means that as long as people remain paid members of that product, service or software that you’ve promoted… you will get paid monthly commissions. Watch this video now as I reveal how you can make $1,000 every month with affiliate marketing.

P.S.: I will be giving away $100 to a random winner. Just subscribe, like and comment your biggest takeaway from this video.


0:00 How can I make $1000 a month passive income?
1:13 How do I generate monthly passive income?
3:34 How to do affiliate marketing?
6:22 How do I build a sales process?


Affiliate Marketing 101: Everything You Need To Know

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How To Make $1,000 a Month Through INSTAGRAM AFFILIATE MARKETING (No Posting Required)

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  1. Love learning how you do affiliate marketing and you teach, it has also helped in how I teach it so thank you!

  2. Валентина Курпенко

    0:28 If you are from USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, or EU I will setup your blog and setup it to earn money w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

  3. Hello Peng!, thank you very much for sharing. This video was Super Valuable!

    By the way, can be possible to "dropship affiliated services/links"?

    What do I mean?
    1- Go to website X and copy the affiliated link of a product.
    2- Go to website Y and create an affiliated program using the link you just copied, and offer a commission lower than the one you will make from website X every time somebody with that link purchases the product.

    That way, other people would be promoting your link, and you may be making monthly profits without advertising costs.

    PS. Giving out $100? :O awesome! Video Liked and Commented!!!

  4. Great Video Sir.Already started growing my insta page

  5. Anton Kovalenko

    My biggest takeaway is that I need to build my email list first. I can promote CF or other software by creating content around it. I gonna create content around software that I personally use every day, I know everything about it, tips, hacks, and how to use it more effectively. Then start to promote my content in 2 ways: FB Ads and free website traffic. I hope I gonna succeed thanks to you Peng Joon. Hope I can visit your live events someday.

  6. I really like the maths and reasoning that you use to build up the sales process and for the explanation

  7. Just wanted to share peng joon has been a great help with my recent affiliate marketing success – Struggled for years with one off commissions here and there… Big key is taking daily action, this has had the most impact… Things start to happen from there…. Starts with struggle and no idea, this is normal – Then moves to random commissions – Then daily commissions (a big achievement) – Next you will have a big pay day and earn more in one day than your day job – Then your first $1000 month – Then consistent over $1000/ month and some multi $1000 months. This was possible for me in 2020 all part time and secondary to full time day job/ career. Not quite an $80k Month yet but these achievements keep stacking up.

  8. Whatsaap Vicky

    Every new video surprises me

  9. Srinath Vishwanath

    Awesome!! Whenever I get a notification from youtube about your new video I feel very excited to watch it ASAP because the knowledge you give us for free is worth more $$$ and also honestly you are providing a lot of value for someone like me from India who are just trying to start their Internet Marketing journey!!

  10. cartoon with kids

    such a great knowledge keep it up peng joon sir such a great knowledge i gained about funnels too thanks for sharing it.

  11. Superb Meditation Relaxing Music

    Hello Peng Joon I'm currently planning to create a course that's going to help my local community small businesses owners on how they can get more clients, more sales and build email list and I don't know where to start pleas help me out I already have customers that want help

  12. Is the checkout page created under your site, or that is official page from ClickFunnels that everyone landed at the same page? If was created under your own site, how you do that?

  13. Biggest take away is definately to "build a list, if you are not building a list you are not building a business", same you mention in almost all og your Videos. The more i hear it and take notes the more this information burns in my brain. Working on my first ever affiliate offer. Just recorded a video which I will be using for the FB ADD Campain and for the Clickfunnel to give the customet value first which will be connected with the second video with the final product. Thx Peng joon,you are such an inspiration and one of the greatest mentors. Thank you!

  14. Unbelievable Technology

    Great bro continuous for affiliate marketing videos.Thank you bro.

  15. Agile Investor

    Whens the next live? I wanna ask more about the cake business. What if its not a service but an actual product. How would u promote it?

  16. Great it's been quite time when I registered as affiliate CF after watching your video. Looking forward to promote CF to make incomes. Thanks PJ

  17. Affiliate training is great whether you are looking to be an affiliate … or are ready to have affiliates. Thank you for this!

  18. John Alex Oliver

    Great vid


    Thank you Penguin joon, your videos are always educational regarding affiliates marketing. I will be working on my lead magnet for my affiliate product I’m working on. I believe in paid traffic more than free so will test out your tips

  20. Your idea is vry gelpfull

  21. Awesome video / content. So much value in here!

  22. Very Interesting and informative..,thank you for sharing lots of information and looking forward for more infos from you.,.God bless.,

  23. Automation Mastery For Coaches

    You are giving away so so so much value in these videos. If people are complaining still about not knowing how to be successful, either their deaf, blind, or just oblivious. You've laid it all out for free here.

  24. Very useful video and applicable. Amazing content

  25. Thanks for the tips. Still learning about affiliate marketing…

  26. Thanks pengjoon.

  27. happyteatree08

    Very good and clear explanation on how you create your sales funnel! Can' wait to implement it in my own business! 🙂

  28. Olley Thorpe -

    Another banger dude

  29. Mardiarsa Ketut

    Indonesia try to repead always this vidio.,

  30. Rajkamal Singh

    Awsome video sir, it will be very helpful for all the beginners like me… Thank you❤

  31. Great! Now i've decided to do affiliate. What a great content, let's share it to our contact lists,groups and friends, let's make this reach to maximum. This is so valuable.

    Oh, and thanks for the $100 Peng.

  32. The biggest takeaway is to understand the process first, and collect data as you go. It was eye opening to learn that even if you break even, you've built a list of existing customers for free and these people could potentially be interested in other products!

  33. 10 Huge Affiliate Marketing Mistakes ( To Avoid Them Today ) @t

  34. Shudhanshu Dwivedi

    Seriously I am not commenting for $100. I am commenting because I am amazed by the value you give in your videos. You have taught the techniques which most of the people give it for $997 or even $1997. Hats off to you man. You are very very helpful and your videos also. Really Valuable Content and you really want others to make money. Thanks, and please keep making more videos like this. Thanks Again.

  35. Thank thank thank you… I don't know but you inspired me alot

  36. vedika pathare

    Peng, you sound amazing but you are on the top of the ladder and we are just the beginners.Please suggest some tips for us to sustain and if you can promote small channels

  37. I'm totally new and have no experience on building a webinar or training videos. So what should I do or giveaway on the landing page before the offer? I have watch video somewhere that mentioned giving e-book isn't effective anymore. Really love to hear your advice. Thanks!

  38. Willie Tolen73

    Great idea ser peng stay safe always

  39. Can I apply this ?

  40. Remedy Bluejay

    Just what I needed to launch. My takeaway is offering free great valuable content, building a sales funnel and email list on your most relevant industry. Its a win win game. Great work.

  41. Being able to generate income from affiliate market may be a good thing as you may earn it as a side income or work fulltime in affiliate market that able to generate money from other person's product which you are able to earn as a passive income if you promote it through webinar, videos or links that your audience may click in. It brings you comfortable as you will not struggling with creating own product and worrying whether it works or not. Therefore, having a side skill of generating income from affiliate market able to boost your monthly income and at the same time able to scale up your business too.

  42. kenneth labadan

    I hope I'm the 1 I get your give away =) thank you

  43. Thanks. Winning $100?

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  45. very informative

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    HE IS THE MANN!!! I've taken all of his advise, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I'm on target to make a million. I've even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress.
    I would love some support/feedback. So please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace

  47. Christopher Caballero

    Hi sir Peng Joon! Im your new fan and subscriber here. I want to be eduacated on the application known as Many Chat. Because I'm having a hard time to use that to promote others product I think you call that as a traffic application for affiliators. And kindly advice is the Many Chat application was adviceable to use or suggest some helpful or easy to use traffic apps to direct affliates to social medias like facebook,twitter,instagram or youtube. Thanks GOD Bless you and more power to your show and to your youtube channels. If you want to message me for some tips do email me on [email protected]gmail.com. Hoping for you to read this thanks!

  48. Christopher Caballero

    By the way thanks for this videos its very simple and informative. You explain it well! Now I know the information about trading and affiliating. Thanks your like a professor on how uou explain it!

  49. Awesome content PJ. I have learnt "if you are not building a list, then you are not building a business"

  50. New affiliate are not allowed to promote clickfunnel software anymore…

  51. Unbelievable Technology

    Great idea bro.Than you bro.

  52. How to win 100$


  54. Breakeven at start is still worth it because of the recurring.

  55. Thanks so much, Peng! Thinking of how to invite people into my email list will definitely become my number 1 priority. Thanks for the reminder!

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  65. recurring commission really interesting, thinking about that.

  66. This is my first time here and you make me love marketing more ❤️

  67. refat chowdhury

    After watching this video i have understand that,
    1.bring lead by giveway something
    2.Build your own email list
    3.Use MRR type affiliate products for
    Make more money with less work.
    Love your work peng joon.

  68. Awesome!

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  70. What kind of product, program or service would you want to promote? What's your biggest takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

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  72. my takeaway = not to be disheartened if we don't earn profit right away from a paid ad, even if we break even its okay because we can eventually earn as long as that person sees the value, chances are they will continue to be a member and will lead to commissions for us.

  73. I learned to keep who believe in you or followed you even if they are just few just keep on doing what you are doing as long as your passionate about it. consistency and enthusiasm is the key to success!

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  81. Really nice and helpful video

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  88. I did enjoy this video and many of your previous ones. I just have one question, did you use click funnels for yourself to make sure that the program was profitable to your personal business? I just wanna make sure that if I prescribe others to the program, it is beneficial. Thanks

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  90. Hi Peng Joon,

    Thank you for making this video and the entire series on affiliate marketing. I have watch the entire series….

    I was most interested in the videos about promoting ClickFunnels affiliate program. I've been a CF Customer for over 5 years…since August 2015.

    I recently ran a solo ad campaign promoting the Expert Secrets Book Offer and had a 33% opt-in rate, plus 3 book sales, plus 3 upsells.

    Just in case anyone is interested in how I set up the Traffic Secrets Book Promotion, here's the link:


    I use this link/funnel to build my list before sending people to the book offer.

    As you always say, "If you are not building a list, then you are not building a business."

    Thanks again for your insight, expertise and coaching!


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