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How to Make a WordPress Website | 2020 Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners!

Learn How to Make an AMAZING WordPress Website in 2020 with this easy STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL for Beginners!

Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting (note – I’ll earn a small commission and you’ll earn a discount when you use this link):

Website Template (Elementor):

Follow Along Images:


Step #1 Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting 2:57
Step #2 Install WordPress 8:57
Step #3 Activate a New Theme 13:05
Step #4 Activate Plugins 14:27
Step #5 Customize Your Website 16:33
Step #6 Create a New Contact Form 59:15
Step #7 Customize Your Header 1:08:43
How to Make a FREE Logo 1:09:42
Step #8 Create a New Page 1:26:30
Step #9 Create a Blog Post 1:28:57
Step #10 Edit For Mobile and Tablet 1:32:17
Step #11 Publish Your Website! 1:35:56


How to Use WordPress Tutorial


What is Web Hosting:

What is a Domain Name:

How to Secure Your Website From Hackers:

How to Get a Professional Email:

How to Backup Your Website:


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  1. Astra theme doesn't seem to show up :/

  2. I just wanted to comment and be grateful. had I not followed your video id had spent 2000 dollars paying someone what I am doing right now. Thank you so much highly appreciated.

  3. Hello Dale!, i am trying to click on the link for the template and it is not down loading into Google Chrome ….Is just a bunch of codes? and Ideas?

  4. Pam's Urban Garden & Cottage

    Thank you so much for posting this. Your video really helped me. You are amazing!

  5. hi I was wondering how to fix the logo since on pc looks perfect buy on the phone looks too big

  6. 43:45 marking off where I left pls don’t like

  7. Maame Tiwaah P

    Anyone knows why my headline widget won't drop over the background?

  8. My site and site page are indexed and appear in google search engine but my blog post are indexed but not appear in google search engine please suggest me how to fix it

  9. Must have been winter when this vid was made. Haven´t got any heating? Raise the temp and say "Hot" every 10 seconds.

  10. Chrishaun Life

    Thank you so much! This is soooo helpful!

  11. Oh my! I wouldn't have commented but I was completely lost and now I can actually figure out how to do this on my own. Thanks a lot!!

  12. Good advice except you need a Business Plan by WordPress to use his suggested plugin's

  13. Could you make a follow up on how to ad a shop on my page? Thank you so much for all the amazing Tutorials!

  14. I've watched sooooo many tutorials and this is the first to actually do it for me, thank you!!!!!

  15. I don’t see any “ new website coming soon” on my screen… I haven’t done the last step to publish my blog yet, but my website seems can be reached already online, is it normal? Thank you.

  16. sister Ancilla

    Is there a way to make a second navigation bar above the header with the free version? And do you do anything with polylang for multiple language sites? Thanks!

  17. Can't I use my pc to host my website as a server?

  18. Loved your tutorial!!❤

  19. Kilroy's Odessa Woodworking & Maker Shop - Al

    Hello Dale, thanks for the awesome videos. One question do you have a video on acquiring and adding an SSL certificate so that a web site can be secure? Thanks again

  20. Danijel Brankovic

    Amazing tutorial, probably one of the best i have ever seen. And trust me, i have watched more hundreds and hundreds hours of tutorials in past few years. One thing that you havent mentioned/showed is how are we supposed to make menu on mobile?
    Thanks in advance for help!

  21. Snehlata Kumari

    Pls make a video on cdn(cloudfare), what is it and how to use it ?

  22. D-Engine Ascender

    Hey many great video. Was wondering the gallery and video sections in your template. Were/are they part of the Elementor pro version or ?

  23. Thank you so much for this video! Quick question – how can I add a sidebar to my pages using this theme? I see that the default layout under customizing is 'Right Sidebar' and the width is at 30% but I don't see the sidebar. I am looking to add a navigation menu to the sidebar to improve accessibility.

  24. Im stuck! I got Homepage set up but now Elementor is greyed out and theres a blue circle constantly going round as if its trying to open but wont. Has anyone else ad this problem? I cant go any further even 2 days later

  25. sir create a software download website

  26. Ideasy Graphic-IT

    This is a really amazing video I have ever watched in my entire life.

  27. Marco Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez

    No obstante, muchas personas mezclan nombre de dominio con sitio web o servicio de alojamiento de sitios web. Es probable que para una persona inexperta estos términos le resulten muy técnicos.

  28. Armel Jerode NDIKUMANA

    Thanks for this awesome video. As a totally newbie, is there a manner to develop my website locally on my laptop with wordPress before i deploy it in hosting website ? Thanks

  29. 16:5217:05 you say there is a button to "Get Started" with Astra, but I did not get that button, so how do I select Elementor to be the Page Builder?

  30. Hi Dale, this was so helpful! Thank you so much.

    I've encountered an issue with the primary menu when in mobile/tablet mode – the text in the drop down hamburger menu is white and so is the background. I'm not sure how to change this. Got any tips?

    Thanks again for taking the time to make this video, it was all I needed. Cheers!

  31. good effort

  32. Is Astra still available on wordpress ?
    When I search for it in Theme is doesmt appear.

  33. Can someone answer please. Any time I use wp forms it doesn't give me the style option in element or to change the background color in the submit button. Is it just I am not getting the option or word press took it off from it's free options. Very disappointed.

  34. Bali Action Photography

    Hi I just bought hosting and exactly follow what you said, but I can't plugin the Elementor. please help

  35. Great video! Only one thing. The menu bar doesn’t show up in your mobile version if I’m not mistaken. Same for my own website. How do I fix this

  36. Sidhique Parmmel

    How can I create a multi language website ?

  37. Is it a bad thing to use a dash in your domain? Very difficult to get a .com

  38. I'm trying to upload my own photos but it wont let me. The dimensions are 447 x 559 pixels . It says " Post-processing of the image failed likely because the server is busy or does not have enough resources. Uploading a smaller image may help. Suggested maximum size is 2500 pixels"

  39. A very helpful tutorial!

  40. Naufal Shamsudeen

    Thanks for the video and it help me to learn it. I have a question. In this video you create a page in WordPress dashboard (not in elementor). So where is it exactly placed. If I open the site, I can't see that page… Also with respect to me I learned this WP in localhost. As per your video I configure and designed the contact form as same as you did. If I open the site and I send a message in that contact form, but I can't get message/ mail, why?. How can I get the message?.

  41. I am struggling! Can anyone help me? Everything was fine and I received the email saying install complete but as soon as I type in my website URL and /wp-admin it comes up with The requested URL was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    So, I tried to log on manually via the wordpress site and it doesn't recognize my password sent to me.

    Can Anyone help me? I'm tearing my hair out!!!

  42. Want wordpress theme development tutorial

  43. How can I get the WordPress blog without paying 300. They said we can't use elementor unless we do

  44. TerraGarda Corp

    Hi .. does anyone know why Elementor will not load properly. For me the elementor is continuously showing "loading",,,

  45. hey dale! HOW do you make T Shirt Mock Up Generator like the ones on Printful or Printify using WORDPRESS? OR how to make similar complicated websites? I NEED TO KNOW FOR MY BUSINESS!! THANK YOU!!!

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    Dejo aqui , la mejor guia creada para crear una web desde cero 2020, es totalmente gratuita, pruebala:

    LINK: http://tedigo-como.blogspot.com/2017/01/te-digo-como-crear-una-web-gratis.html

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    This saved my sanity!!! Thank you

  48. 50's , Fit , Fabulous & More With Actor Derrick Dee

    thanks that was great but somehow got hooked with pagelayer and I dont like or it doesnt like…lol..can you change to elementor????

  49. Akash Rajemahadik

    Super Insightful Video, Dale


    Elementor Changes Not Showing On the Site, what happens

  51. Thank you so much.
    The first time someone says " step by step guide" and delivers.
    I am a total newbee and you have made it so simple. Bless you.

  52. Great video, but what about the policy stuff? Legal stuff is a confusing matter in itself (Especially if it's going to be a writer's blog) so I think there's definitely help needed 😀

  53. Entertainment Studios

    bro template link not working

  54. Christine Strohmeyer

    it says my PHP is not compatible with elementor and I followed your video exactly. I can longer continue with this tutorial and will be requesting a refund from hot gator. 🙁 UPDATE: I contacted host gator support and they fixed the issue immediately! YAY!

  55. Michael Daniels

    ok, so i have some questions, Im used to working in wix. It looks like elementor maybe something I am a bit more familiar with. However, it appears you have to have to upgrade your wordpress from FREE to a plan in order to even download the plugins. which means you have to buy a plan. Am I correct ? Also, can you build the website without buying a domain. the way the company i work for usaully does things is backwards, they want to see the site close to completion before the buy the domain, so d oyou have to purchase that upfront, also if the domain is being used for a current page, and you cant transfer the domain until the new site is completed, how would you go about that?

  56. Hi i need help please so i installed all plugins then you said about the notification astra get started. I made a mistake on the x so its gone and not able to choose elementor as my editor. How do you do it please?

  57. Hi, Thank you for the tutorial. We used your templet and made our website. However, we made a new page using elementor. Once someone clicks on the page, they cannot access other pages using the menu. We noticed that the menu in your template uses custom links. Can you (or anyone here) explain how to create custom links for our menu that will connect with new pages that we add using elementor?

  58. I did not have the "Get Started" option with Astra

  59. Denis Beaulieu

    wow, awesome, sorry i couldn't see video finish to help your rating. Will be returning many times. thanks

  60. thanks for the great and supeeeerrrrrr helpful video.
    i have a problem with primary menu only in mobile mode.
    the drop menu is white and the followme,aboout etc are not visible.
    any tips will be helpful.
    thanks in advance

  61. Can you teach us step by step how to create a smartphone unlocking website like theunlockingcompany.com or cellunlocker.net or unlockbase.com?

  62. Thanks Dale! Your tutorials are easy to follow, very informative and your presentation skills are top notch! Looking forward to learning more.

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    This helped sooooooooooo much!!! Thank you

  64. Hi Dale, thanks for the tutorial! how can I unpublish my website? in case I need to make changes etc.

  65. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Finally a video I actually got solid results from. You're awesome, keep up the good work.

  66. great job but video is too long

  67. froze at 7.49

  68. Can anyone help. My WordPress doesn't show the 'Get started with Astra' bar.. is there any other way I can get through to that page?

  69. Thank you for this channel because I have a website assignment to do
    Love from Jamaica
    Keep safe ♥

  70. Margaret Soper

    oh my goodness. Thank you so much. Some of this was over my head, but I will catch up now. Thank you for the details.

  71. Love this! Thank you. But for me the hero image doesn´t show up in mobile. Anyone else having the same issue?

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  75. Hi…I have been using your video to create my website. I have been working with WP for the last few months and just having a terrible time. Then I found your video and man it finally clicked. I do have a question? I need for Navigation on the homepage to go to another website? I am needing to link BOOKINGS to HipCamp and I am not sure how to go about that process? Would you please help me with this? If you dont have a video on this do you know where I could learn how to do this?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wendy

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  81. Great vid. I have been avoiding additional 'potential' expense but after playing with Elementor it is pretty cool no matter what level of expertise you have. BTW I did try the Bookmark references for the top navigation; they work fine on the home page, but if I navigate off to a post or another page, they break. Not sure if I missed something but unless there is a fix then it's not such a good idea for a primary nav.

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    Thanks for the video!!!

    Can I use GoDaddy to buy my domain name instead of hostgator? And is it the process the same process after?

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    should I be using wordpress.com or wordpress.org?

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    Is there a way to start creating the website without a domain name (if the name is not yet finalised)?

  86. Ok Dale you are a great help. But I just can’t get it right. How do I merge my logo you help me make over to website

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    Wow, just wanted to hop on and say thank you so much for this video. I've used your template and i'm sooo happy with how my website has turned out. Would I be able to add woocommerce to this? Also do you have a tutorial on how to embed a mailerlite sign up into wordpress??

  88. Great information, one problem i do have is that my hero image at the top of the page does not show on my mobile phone, all it shows in a stock wavey line image, the correct image instantly appears when i rotate phonr 90 degrees. Any ideas what I need to do the change this?

  89. Really excellent tutorial. I wish I had watched it before I waded into my riscorick.com site. Nevertheless, it has given me the confidence to go back and fix what I think I missed, plus enhance the design. Thanks. I intend to rely on you for lots of what I hope to be able to do in the future.

  90. Dale, Ben my name is Lee [email protected]gmail.com please tell me how I can create a Pro Website, and make 150k a month like you? Also where is your company located? P.S. How much does it cost too make as you claim 150k a month with your knowledge?

  91. You have the patience of a saint. Thank you.

  92. Pamela Xing-Berman

    This is a great tutorial, unfortunately I built the whole thing on home as opposed to homepage is there a way to remedy this?

  93. Hi Dale, I posted a comment on another one of your videos, but this is the video I really wanted to comment on for those who aren’t sure if this is the right video for them! If you are new to blogging or wanting to start a website Dale’s videos are the ones you want to subscribe to! I started trying to start a blog on my own but I was so lost and oblivious to what I was doing so I , like so many of you started searching for tutorial videos on YouTube to learn how to do this stuff, but none of those videos gave me what I needed because they either rushed through their tutorials or skipped through a lot of important steps! Thank God I came across Dales Videos! He takes his time and explain in simple terms step by step and go into detail on everything you are searching for! His voice and patience is so warming and welcoming! He is a godsend! So it will do you good to subscribe to his videos! Love you Dale! Good luck guys! This is Teresa Cornick, (not sure why my post popped up under my mother’s name on my iPad! Lol

  94. "It's the best way to make a website."

    Uh wrong.

    Writing the code yourself is the absolute best way to make a website…if you have the time and resources.

    WordPress is great for small businesses that don't have those resources available to them to make a truly great website.

    WordPress is not that secure and no matter how many plugins you download it will never be as customizable as a custom built website.

  95. Your step-by- step examples are easy to follow

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    Hello, I want to create a daily banner with elementor Pro in WooCommerce and set a number of discounted products with a reverse timer. Is there a way to do that?

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