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How To Speed Up WordPress Tutorial Using LiteSpeed Cache

In this WordPress speed tutorial, you will learn how to speed optimize your website using LiteSpeed Cache which is a free plugin when you have LiteSpeed hosting.

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Best LiteSpeed Hosting Providers https://www.wpcrafter.com/best-litespeed-hosting
Hostinger — https://www.wpcrafter.com/hostinger (SAVE 10% CODE WPCRAFTER)
Web Hosting Secrets Revealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqZ2KIHPKrk

Table Of Contents
00:00:00 Video Overview
00:00:34 What Is LiteSpeed
00:01:29 LiteSpeed Hosts
00:02:20 Hosting For The Video
00:03:13 Baseline Test
00:06:59 How To Get LSCache
00:07:51 Plugin Overview
00:08:28 General Settings
00:09:37 Important Plugin Warning
00:11:31 Cache Settings
00:16:22 CDN Settings
00:18:26 Image Optimization Settings
00:22:53 Page Optimization Settings
00:28:59 Database Optimizations
00:29:58 Crawler Settings
00:30:47 Toolbox Settings
00:31:51 Image Optimization Again
00:32:32 Website Check
00:33:14 Retest

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  1. Hi Adam

    Please suggest best free multivendor wp plugin to sell same product by multivendor

    Other than dukan plugin

    Also make a video on this its urgent, I need ur help to assign multivendor to a common products

  2. jessica sampila

    Good work, your videos always help me a lot on my wp website. Keep up the good job

  3. Does it provide solution to scripts by Google tag manager or google fonts that slows down intially ( core web vitals )?

  4. Rafael Mazelli

    Reeaaally goodd videoo!! Congratsss!!

  5. Sorry if ask this. My hosting provided speed kit plugin to speed up the page. My question, do i need to install other plugin such as litespeed cache, autoptimize, wp rocket, etc? because it's seem that not many people use speed kit. Second question is, does the setting your mentioning in the video apply for the 1st time page loading?

    Thank you

  6. Thanks Adam, I'm also using Litespeed cache with Hostinger (perfect hpanel) I have a fast website.

  7. Siddharth Sharma

    I shifted to A2 hosting Turbo plan from Hostgator cloud after watching your last video. In the initial testing it seems to have made my site slower. Litespeed cache plugin was having compatibility issues so I used A2 Optimized plugin to implement litespeed.

  8. besttt thanks alott…. part of Hostinger from 2 Years

  9. Initially my site slowed down quite a bit after making the (using Namehero + WP Rocket + free CloudFlare originally). I was about to switch back but after a few days (I think 3-5) my Gtmetrix went through the roof into mid 90s. Also it did require me to watch other litespeed cache plugin videos specifically, as Adam didn't cover everything with his initial video (looks like he has done).The only thing I see now is that the size of the site is still higher then prior. I've been monitoring my load times through out the day and will send the info to Adam. Props to Adam for yet an other incredibly valuable contribution to the online community. No one has every told me about this (I'm speed obsessed). So a heartfelt thank you Adam

  10. Always love your videos, Adam! …but lately, your thumbnails are looking more and more like a TMZ photographer caught you in a back-alley drug deal.

  11. Hey Adam thanks for sharing this video. I have a question. I am using Hostinger web hosting and it already has Lightspeed enabled in server level. But I am using WP-rocket plugin. So can I also activate the light speed plugin simultaneously?

  12. Hi Adam, have you tried Nitro Pack?

  13. Antonio Martins

    Adam, what is best, a wodpress hosting or a cpanel hosting?

  14. Hey Adam. Great video. You often big up SiteGround but they don't have LiteSpeed. Does SG have a speed plugin?

  15. Thanks Adam! Can file types Eg: pdf be excluded from caching?

  16. Hi Adam, I am a newby but I have bought Buddyboss, LearnDash and Wishlist because and through your tutorials. I’m confused. Should I look for a cloud hosting that offers LiteSpeed? What should I look for specifically for my website to run really fast with the BBoss and LearnDash? Thanks so much!

  17. Adam, you made a small mistake in 20:15, you assumed optimize losslessly as lossy, actually turning it on will optimize image losslessly means higher file size while you assumed it's lossy and will decrease. Other then that, the video is damn amazing.

  18. This is really timely for me – thank you! An updated video with your favorite plugins would be awesome.

  19. Nice job Adam. I can tell you from experience that there is no discernible difference between enabling redis over memcached for object caching performance on most WordPress installs. In fact, on most hosts [at least the ones I used] using litespeed, memcache is better configured to work with the cache plugin.

  20. Thank You Adam. All your tutorial are super easy to implement and of great value. Thank you for not charging any money for such information.
    I am using Hostinger. Many people give bad review regarding it as it's cheap. But till date I have not faced any problem with their service. What do you think about it ?
    I believe you as all your answers and tutorial are well researched.

    Should I stick with Hostinger?

  21. Thanks Adam for the video.
    How do you compare Litespeed with WP Rocket?

  22. Awesome video thanx! Personally I use cloudflare for email + Web dns + CDN + cache. Just keep in mind that using Cloudflare will not magically make your site secure. Many sites I find, clearly have people working on the site thst do not know this. It (Cloudflare) will not mitigate wordpress issues ie moving wp-config.php 1 folder level up, securing htaccess & functions. Php etc etc. I'll test LiteSpeed later and see how it compares 🙂

  23. Hello, There is any way to use taxes only on addons not on product in woocommerce?

  24. Eazzy Chinese With Jenny

    Could you please do a similar video on how to optimise website using Poohost and Crapgator as hosting sites? I know. I should have watched your videos first. Too late now.

  25. Adam! What is that mini-keyboard to your left and what does it do? I am very excited about your answer… Please answer! LOL

  26. Is it free or paid

  27. Inspector-Tech

    Hi Adam. Would you recommend using Litespeed caching on an e-Commerce website?

  28. Mauricio Menéndez

    Hola, tus videos me han ayudado mucho, pero sería increíble que tuvieran opción de subtitulos en español.

  29. My Situation:
    From what I understood, if I use LiteSpeed Cache, it should be enough, and I won't need any other plugin for Caching. So after changing my hosting to a server that uses LiteSpeed Caching, and following all the instructions in the video, I went on and deleted Autoptimize from my website… But then after re-testing with both GT-Metrix and Pingdom, I find out that the number of requests went up (from around 40 initially to around 60 now).
    My Question(s):
    Is LiteSpeed Caching supposed to be enough alone? Can I delete Autoptimize if using LSCache? Can keeping multiple caching plugins cause some issues with my Website?
    Thanks a lot for the videos, and especially for your honesty when reviewing plugins, themes, etc…
    (also, I rarely like videos on YT for some reason, but somehow you convinced me to "smash the like button" on this one lol)
    Many Thanks!

  30. Hi Adam, thank you for your videos, do you recommend "JetPack" for video hosting? if yes could you explain it and if not also could you please explain it why. I live in middle east I do not know which video hosting is suits for hosting my online video courses any help will be appreciated.

  31. I can run WP Rocket (plugin) with LiteSpeed ? Together? Off course in Lightspeed server.

  32. Christian Buchholz

    We are running BuddyBoss and LearnDash on our website. Do you have any recommendations using LiteSpeed hosting and the right configuration? Is this the same config like the one you mentioned in the video?

  33. Şahan Muratoğlu

    Thanks for the great content. I have a problem related with LiteSpeed Cache Plugin which causes white blank page error some of my blog posts. Is there any certain solution for that?

  34. HourOfUprising Gaming

    Hey Adam, I'll start by saying you are the only YouTuber I actually follow! So well done! A few years ago you were promoting InMotion hosting quite heavily. It convinced me to get it, and I bought a long-term plan. I get that you have to promote the latest and greatest, but I've noticed that every few months you have a new hosting provider that you recommend.

    I was wondering if you could tell me why you no longer promote InMotion? Lately, I've had terrible experiences with their customer support, and I swear my site speed is getting worse. Are these any of the reasons why you made the jump? And if I switch, which host do you honestly see being the best one for another long-term purchase? Thanks so much.

  35. can I use LiteSpeed cache plugin even though I'm not with Litespeed based Hosting Provider????

  36. Was waiting for this video. Thank you so much for guiding us. Please guide us on cloudflare ideal setup and settings. Please Adam make video on this. I know you don't like cloudflare but for starters its the best option available as it's free. So please make cloudflare setup video. Will be waiting for cloudflare video.

  37. Another great video Adam. Thank you!

  38. Could you make a video about NitroPack!!!

  39. Studio427 Audio

    My Hosting service (O2Switch) gives the how-to on using LiteSpeed. However, they say NOT to use or other CDN at the same time as LiteSpeed. This is counterproductive as it would create several levels of cache and might block the LiteSpeed internal purging mechanism. They insist: "DO NOT ACTIVATE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME", it is one or the other.
    I don't know anything about all of that… So CDN or not CDN?

  40. Do I need another cache plugin like w3 or does it lightspeed cache handle everything?

  41. Choice Barber Company

    Do you have any videos on how to reduce CPU usage for WordPress (using site Ground)

  42. Lightspeed Cache Error. New post not updating to site. Whenever I disable this plugin, the new post would update quickly. How to get rid of this error ?


    i am using lite speed cache do I need another cache plugin

  44. Darius Beaumont

    ive used siteground, ionos, godaddy, bluehost and hostinger. hostinger is pretty good. really friendly top customer service. they arent the fastest to reply but they are really patient and go over everything. nice custom cpanel (UI) too.
    godaddy was the worst. always little problems, annoying customer service that tells you to pay more to solve anything. bluehost is fine performance-wise but they do not cooperate at all if you fall out with them and apparently they dont offer refunds. Customer service is awful and disorganised they keep telling you to talk to someone else and you go round in circles.

  45. 'm using siteground with wp-rocket to do the caching, how is wp-rocket compare with litespeed cache?

  46. Andres Burbano

    Hi. If you could choose a hosting provider what would you choose: Siteground or Hostinger. Thank you!… By the way great videos.

  47. Great video , keep up!!!

  48. Gemma da Silva

    I’m with hostinger and tried this and it completely broke my site 🙁 can a different caching plugin be used with hostinger?

  49. thank you

  50. Sebastián Vallejo

    Should we use Litespeed Cache and WP Rocket together?

  51. I read on hostinger's site that LiteSpeed plugin isn't needed as it's already working on all their hosting plans. Is that true and why did you use it instead?

  52. Great Video Adam. I shifted my hosting to Hostinger to avail Litespeed Cache. I was using WPRocket as well.

    I followed your instructions and tested my website by enabling the features one by one. I have disabled the Instant Click option as it does not work properly. Nevertheless, the website loads much faster.

    I have tried BunnyCDN as well and it rocks.

    Thanks for your sincere efforts.

  53. Hi Adam, just wondering if the LiteSpeed would work on A2 hosting at all? I have contacted them and they are saying that "I would need the Turbo reseller hosting plan in order to have Litespeed web server access." they also say that, "it will only work on Turbo Max or Turbo Boost hosting plans, so you would have to change to the Turbo Reseller plan to be able to use it.". In the meantime I have WP Rocket + Cloudflare Free CDN, would you still recommend changing it to BunnyCDN without LiteSpeed please? Or choosing another hosting is my best bet?

  54. Does this work well with Thrive Themes? I have shot pixels. Do you recommend using it with the setup you recommend on this video?

  55. after setup same like this, page speed increased, tnx..but Accordion not opening/collapsing..what to do ? pls help

  56. Awesome! Please make a video on how to reduce php Executions

  57. Reuben Simpson

    Thank you! But may I seek advice? My Page Requests shown in GTMatrix increased after using Litespeed. What setting should I amend to lower the number of page requests?

  58. Fahmida Akter Dina

    A lot of things stopped working in my site. Going back to WP Rocket

  59. Hostinger provides 64Mb ram for the cheapest package… This plugin will not increase the website speed but decrease it, as it requires a lot of memory to generate cache.

  60. Prabhash Kumar

    Hi Adam,
    I just completed watching this video and implemented all that you said on my website. It increased the speed a lot, but my logo isn't displaying with lazy load. It only appears for a fraction of second after the site loads, and then it disappers. I even tried excluding my logos from lazy load but it didn't work. It's only appearing with lazy load off.
    Can you help me with this issue? Does keeping lazy load off makes my site kuch slower than keeping it on?


    Most recent update – instant click option conflicts with Elementor – avoid that if using Elementor. your welcome.

  62. Sukanta Rakshit

    Your image optimization is slow because the limit is on your hosting company. I have self hosted cloud OpenLitespeed server and it gives me full limit.

  63. Does the LS lazy load make the new WP 5.5 lazy load obsolete or vice versa?

    Or do they play well with each other?

    Do you turn one completely off?

    Or half and half? Very difficult to know what's optimal!

  64. sharanya tiwari

    thanks a lot for this video, a great help

  65. My site got slower 🙁 WTF.

  66. Indian Creative Mothers

    Thank you so much it helped me a lot as I had a DIVI website where loading time was too high as I used a lot of images and videos but after following each step it drastically reduced. Question- Do we need to compress our images first then we should upload them like free stock images are quite huge or these plugins take care??

  67. How to increase the limit of image optimization ?

  68. excellent explanation. It helped my site to speed up. Thanks a lot.

  69. Saransh Srivastava

    Hii Adam, should we use css minification and js minification? If I am using cloudflare minification for css and js file?? please …

  70. Yes thank you Adam! opened my eyes to LS and I am setting up a new server on UpCloud [not non-techie friendly but fastest cloud host]
    I got the bundle with cyberpanel and your hostinger for email.

  71. how come on another video you said you'd never host here just use it for emailing?

  72. OMG!! I followed your tutorial and brought my website from a D/B score to an A/A score! It was just a few steps but changed dramatically!! Thank you so much for this setting tutorial!!

  73. Great stuff thanks. I cancled the CSS critical feature and I still see that weird stuff shown before the page loads. any ideas how to solve? thanks!

  74. Hi, Can we use Image Optimization feature with SMUSH plugin? Or Should I deactivate SMUSH?

  75. hey, as always thanks for the great content. Any recommendations for a way to block plugin or plugin scripts/ files from loading on specific pages?

  76. I have cheapest hosting and my loading time is 1.1seconds i love Wp rocket

  77. Enjoyed this…GM went from a huge 24sec to 8secs

    Good Job! 🙂

  78. Hi. Thank you so much for your in-depth tutorial on LiteSpeed Cache. I was thinking of getting WP Rocket for 2 of my sites, but when I saw this tutorial I almost changed my mind. Almost, because I got confused by more youtube videos on other plugins like Viper Chache, NitroPac (not sure if its a plugin or service). NitroPac seems 5 times more expensive than WP Rocket; there is a free version of NitroPac. Say I have LiteSpeed server hosting which will be the best option: LiteSpeed plugin, WPRocket, or NitroPac. Is it possible to give comparison? Thanks again.

  79. Thank u very much

  80. webp not support from IPHONE so dont turn on

  81. Arindam Mukherjee

    Hi, How to do Serve images in next-gen formats with the help of LIght speed Cache?

  82. Ringtones Mania

    Please help me.. how to set as default setting in LSC WordPress plugin… as i could not found any setting where i can Set As Default.. thanks in advance

  83. Mahmoud Ismael

    you are the best

  84. PHP-FPM and fastcgi stomp lsapi in Apache.

    Not worth it if you don’t have CloudLinux imo.

  85. Could you please also make a video on Quick Cloud CDN …. Because there is a lot of options… A newbie may be messed up… Thanks!!!

  86. Hostinger vs A2 which one is better?

  87. Thank you for this video. I followed every step and got to A & B on gtmetrix, however I'm still getting a D on Google's pagespeed insights. What am I doing wrong here and what else is recommended? Thanks again!

  88. Techy Jitendra

    Do you recommend it over WP Rocket?
    My shared hosting provider use litespeed.

  89. is this better than siteground, namehero ?

  90. Hi, I need help with a redirect. How can I configure the LiteSpeed Cache plugin to have post-send redirection to the thank you page in contactform7?

    Now that LiteSpeed Cache is turned on, redirection doesn't work, just add the link: # wpcf7-f17355-p13573-o1


  91. not able to find your bunny CDN setup video with light speed cache

  92. Black Dragon _

    What can I do when the object cache connecting test failed? On video 14 min it shows failed as well… and I check about it with the Redis plugin and it tells the same that it did not connect.

  93. i did everything and now my cart page and checkout page just disappears

  94. Constantin Caluda

    Hello. I am really a fan of your channel. Really easy to understand technical issues. Please one question: is worth using a CDN if most of our traffic is from local areas and usually from same country ( România)?

  95. Hey Adam, thanks for this info. How do you deal with mailing subscribers? And email sending, do you ever run into problems with these plugins not working properly?

  96. Weird, Memcached and Redis are nowhere to be found in my Hostinger PHP configuration.

  97. Adolfo Quiroga

    Excellent video !! I learned a lot and I have used what you say in it. But do you know that the main page of my website does not show the images? Where should I check to fix this? Thank you!
    Also, I can't find the .redis extension in my PHP version 7.4. Can this be fixed?

  98. HI > I have reduced a lot of database errors with this setting. Thanks ADAM

  99. thank you for another useful tutorial! I couldn't find the Memcached or Redis extensions. Anyway, I moved my client from SG to Hostinger and it's MUCH quicker! thanks again.

  100. I'm on Hostinger and only see Memcached, I checked the box, but LiteSpeed in WordPress still shows that Memcache is unable.

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