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How to Start Affiliate Marketing FOR FREE (with PROOF!!)

Here’s how to start affiliate marketing for free, without a website, step by step, even if you have no money. Full tutorial for complete beginners – enjoy!

Today I will share with you my “secret” affiliate marketing method. I used it all the time when I first started online marketing, because it’s free and back then I had no money. All the tools that I show in today’s video are free to use and you can get started really easily.


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00:00 INTRO – How to Start Affiliate Marketing (for free)
01:21 STEP 1 – Find a GREAT Product to Promote
08:07 STEP 2 – Get your Affiliate Link
09:35 STEP 3 – Sharing Your Link
18:34 STEP 4 – Get Traffic, Make Affiliate Sales
24:00 RESULTS UPDATE after 4 hours

If you want to start affiliate marketing, but don’t know where to begin, or if you have no money, then I really hope you are going to love this video.

Affiliate marketing is so powerful, and I personally make well over $10,000 a month from affiliate marketing. Today I’m going to show you a very nice technique that’s going to help you get started for free.

You can do this without a website, and you don’t need any budget for ads.

I will show you how to find an awesome affiliate offer on WarriorPlus. Then, I will show you how to get approved for the offer, and how to get your affiliate link.

After that, I will show you how to use a service called SnipLy to set up the affiliate campaign. With SnipLy, you can create a special link, and with that link you can embed your affiliate link on any piece of content online.

So, for example, you can “encode” my blog article about best places to visit in Australia. Then, you can share that SnipLy-encoded link in an online forum, and anyone who clicks it will see my article.

However, that SnipLy link can also have an overlay with YOUR affiliate link. Very handy 🙂

If you’re not sure what I mean – watch the video in full detail, as I’m showing every single step in today’s video.

I hope you find is useful – and I hope many of you can successfully start affiliate marketing after watching today’s video.




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Earnings Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money by following the advice in this video. Your results will vary depending on your effort and other factors. This video is for entertainment and education purposes only and no guarantees are made. This is not financial or business advice.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Any links you click might be affiliate links. I might be paid a commission for any purchases made via the links in this video.

Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)

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