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I Made THREE Affiliate Marketing Websites To Make Money ONLINE (My Experience & Progress So Far)

I Made THREE Affiliate Marketing Websites To Make Money ONLINE (My Experience & Progress So Far)

In this video, I talk about how I made three niche based affiliate marketing websites in the past 3 months. So far things are going well and I am looking forward to keeping you guys updated on this part of my online entrepreneurship journey too!

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My Name is Jack and my channel is dedicated to making passive income and money online! I have recently dove headfirst into Print On Demand(POD) With websites with large traffic like merch by amazon, Etsy, and many other sites. I also will talk about affiliate marketing and many other things involving personal finance here on the channel. My main focus will be to share my experiences with you so you can achieve the success you want for yourself in making money online. If you want to see more content from me and follow along my online entrepreneurship journey then please consider subscribing!

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  1. Jack just subbed your channel I get inspired by yr work just increase the volume of your Mic n ya awsome content

  2. Mysterious NÖÖRIEN

    Thank you for good and genuine information..

  3. That's fast writing! I find writing AM type articles kinda boring. Im just finishing a 2,400 word article that took me 3 days 🙁

  4. Google Review Site

    $5,000 A Month With 1 Hour Workday App, https://youtu.be/aoTUYLiU1kA

  5. Brian Passive Income

    Hey dude, just came across your channel recently and I appreciate your honest content. So I made a WordPress site months ago thru bluehost, I had a problem with changing the name at one point and had to go thru crazy loopholes to get the right link again. Anyway, I still have the website for another year or so thru bluehost, I forgot how I paid since it was so long ago already. To have multiple websites how does that work? Can you just create another one and link thru what you made already or do you have to pay again? Maybe you can create a video of how that all works. Thanks

  6. Brian Passive Income

    Also, are you on Merch by Amazon? If so you should really check them out

  7. money maker 001

    Hey jack Just saw your Content Great videos

  8. Hey jack, thanks for the content. I’d like to know how you come up and gather knowledge around a topic enough to write an article about it.

    And secondly, would you do a video about how to pick a profitable niche for affiliate websites?


  9. C Robinson Espinosa - Lovingson

    I love making affiliate sites. I always build them up then sell them on Flippa after they turn a year old. Just be cautious about having so many of them. Especially if you aren't planning on selling them when they age. Three is more than enough.. then you can develop a posting schedule and all that "stuff" without getting overwhelmed. Don't forget to build an email list for each of those blogs. The money is in the list after all. Keep up the good work. : )

  10. Hey thank you for making this video
    have you started making any money from any of the websites
    also how do you find the niche for your website
    do you use kwfinder

  11. World Adventures

    video summed up: only have a few hits a week at this point so no money yet.

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