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Kadence + WooCommerce Tutorial (Turn Starter Templates into Stores in 20 mins)

You’ll learn to build a WooCommerce store, starting with any of the Kadence Starter Templates. With this tutorial, you can take any kadence template (in this case we use the ‘Agency’ template) and build it into a store. The CSS used in the tutorial is available here: https://ideaspot.com.au/blog/kadence-woocommerce-tutorial/

Kadence theme has some great WooCommerce customization features, but at the moment there is only one ‘shopping’ template. Let’s learn to make a store with any Kadence template!

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0:00 Kadence WooCommerce Tutorial Intro
0:32 Basic setup & required plugins
2:03 Kadence Starter Template Install
2:38 Kadence logo customization
3:37 Kadence header customization
5:48 Kadence footer customization
6:37 Adding cart icon the the header
8:35 Adding shop page to the header menu
9:13 Customizing Kadence Shop Page
12:00 Kadence Product Page Customization
14:41 Kadence cart page customization
15:17 Kadence checkout page customization
15:43 How to display products on other Kadence pages
18:32 Kadence 404 & search page customization
20:59 Improve WooCommerce thumbnail image quality & CSS styles to center product price and title
22:04 More skills with Kadence & WooCommerce

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