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Set up 🛒Facebook 🛒Instagram Shopping with WooCommerce

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Set up 🛒Facebook 🛒Instagram Shopping with WooCommerce
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Video Timestamps:
Facebook ads versus google ads – which one to go for and why 01:45
Complete the WooCommerce set up process 07:54
Create a Facebook Business page 08:35
Create an Instagram page 10:17
Connect facebook page to instagram page 11:37
Set up the Facebook for Woocommerce plugin 13:10
Setting up theFacebook Commerce Manager 15:14
Facebook dynamic shopping ads 19:56
Convert Instagram personal page to business page 22:57


This course is ideal for:
1. eCommerce business people who want to set up Facebook marketing
2. People learning how to sell online
3. Online hustlers, looking for want to increase their income – make money online

I will teach you how to set up a Facebook Commerce Manager account, Facebook business page and connect it to an Instagram page. Create a Facebook shop, Instagram shop and start selling on both Facebook and Instagram directly from your WooCommerce store.


Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin – Connect WooCommerce store to facebook and create shopping catalogue directly from WooCommerce


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