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WooCommerce Setup Tutorial 2020 | Credit Card (Stripe) & PayPal Payments for WordPress

In this WooCommerce setup tutorial, you’ll learn to get your cart and checkout running with Stripe and PayPal. This will allow you to accept credit cards and paypal payments on your WordPress site. The easiest way to do this is to start with a good WordPress starter template, such as the ones offered by Astra and Kadence. The next step is simply running through the setup wizard, then customizing a few settings in the dashboard of WooCommerce. You’ll have your store running in no time 🙂

Here are the links to the other tutorials I mentioned in this video:

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Astra Starter Template Tutorial (Using ‘Print’ eCommerce Site):

WooCommerce Email Customization Video:

0:00 WooCommerce Tutorial Introduction
0:31 Recommended themes and starter templates
1:24 Required plugins for using Stripe & PayPal with WooCommerce
1:59 Running the WooCommerce Setup Wizard
3:55 WooCommerce General Settings
4:46 WooCommerce Products Options
5:45 WooCommerce Shipping Settings
6:53 WooCommerce Accounts & Privacy
7:31 WooCommerce Emails Settings
8:52 WooCommerce Payment Settings
9:93 Stripe Setup for WooCommerce
10:45 PayPal Checkout Setup for WooCommerce
12:43 Testing a product: Example
14:19 More skills: Selling Courses and Ebooks with WooCommerce

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