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WooCommerce University: How To Access Your WP Admin Dashboard in GoDaddy

In Lesson 4 of WooCommerce University, we continue on with accessing your WordPress Admin dashboard from your managed host (in this case, we’re demo’ing the cheap option for you – GoDaddy!) Earlier lesson is here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOCc4Wd0mkc&list=PLSf1vHwWGVqK_VzsN2f-kX9tchEatKNst&index=3& …

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All right, so then after you go through the process of setting up your Managed Hosting and Installing WordPress, you should get a notification email from GoDaddy saying that your new WordPress website is ready. Then what you can do is click the link in your email or just log into the back end of your GoDaddy dashboard go to Managed WordPress “my account” page, and then you will actually find your new website in there. 

If you have a long list of websites, it might look something more like what you’re about to see here. If you have a long list of websites it might look more like something like this and you go and find the website that you just set up and then click the little ellipses. 

Then click WP Admin and it’s going to log you in securely to the WP Admin.

The other way to get there would be to go to the staging URL or the URL that you chose when you set things up  /wp-admin and it would log you into the Admin with the credentials that you set up. 
Now you can get started using the WordPress wizard if you’re using GoDaddy, but I always click “no thanks” and walk through the General Settings myself, which I am going to walk you through in the next video. 

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